ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 3: Pass Interference

Erika Jordan

It may seem odd that I’m using a picture of Erika Jordan for this post, but there’s a personal reason for this. Erika Jordan is one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses, and this is a role that contains some of my favorite sex scenes of hers. This is the first of five episodes of this series that she appears in. She plays Jennifer, a fan of Spencer and Nandi’s radio talk show who slides into Spencer’s DM’s online. Her presence is teased a couple of times in the episode, at the beginning when we see Spencer reading her DM’s at work, and in the middle when she calls him on the phone at his apartment before she finally shows up near the end. Spencer and Jennifer have sex on a desk at the radio station late at night after the show is over. Erika and J. Teddy Garces have excellent chemistry on screen.

As for the rest of the cast, Earnest runs into Portia and her new man, Antonio, and it’s quite an awkward meeting. Later at the club after mentioning how hard it is to find a job, Dmitri talks him into temporarily taking a job as a bartender at The Jump Off, much to Woody’s chagrin. Earnest also meets with his Sister-in-Law Sabrina again, who sympathizes with his feelings for Portia and anger at the way his brother, her husband Chandler, treated him when they met in the previous episode.

Woody has lunch with his estranged wife Kenya, but that doesn’t go well. She complains about his lack of ambition, thinking he should be doing more with his life and the MBA she helped put him through school to get than just being a manager for his friend’s club. Kenya’s an airline pilot, and sometimes she flies a private plane for a man named Owen, whom Woody suspects she’s having an affair with. Apparently, this was part of the tension that drove them apart.

While in bed together, Brenda brings up the possibility of her moving in with Dmitri, which he shuts down, although he assures her that he sees a potential future with her, but then right after they have sex he gets a phone call which he jumps out of bed and goes to another room to take. It turns out to be a woman named Lauren (Tanjareen Thomas), a sportscaster whom Dmitri has some kind of history with. When they meet up later he doesn’t hide his intent to pursue a relationship with her, and where this leaves Brenda remains to be seen.

We also get a subplot where Nandi’s manager Wendy (Akila Ife) calls her with a proposal to star in her own reality TV show. This will become a vital plot later.

Another solid episode, worthy at least for the Erika Jordan scene (yeah, I’m a bit biased), but also good for the storylines. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. The relationship dynamics (fancy word for how they think and say with and to each other) are definitely getting more complex/complicated.
    Their characters and feelings are strengthening

    Jennifer & Brenda are my favorites this episode
    Theirs characters interest me plus future awaits
    Sexwise Erika’s always A+ Latifah I prefer wow!

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