Cougar School

MRG Entertainment released this film in 2009, written by Ellis Walkerson and directed by Demitri Nessun. The film stars Michelle Maylene and Sydnee Steele, Michelle plays a spoiled young woman named Karen, […]

Scared Topless

**THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS** This 2015 film was written by David Zani and directed by the one and only Jim Wynorski (under his Harold Blueberry pseudonym). If you’re familiar with Wynosky’s […]

Bare Sex

In 2003, director Woquini Adams and co-writers Edward Gorsuch and April White brought us another “compilation” film. These are films where the studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previous films […]

Secret Lives

Here’s a film from 2010, produced by MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing, a studio that could generally be counted on to produce some of the best looking softcore films of the 2000’s and 2010’s. […]