What scares you more than anything else you can imagine? WRONG. The answer is…the Nightmare Brigade!

The scheming forces of the ERA will stop at nothing to unlock the secret science behind Quantum and Woody’s powers – and they’re just getting started! Plus – see what it takes to tear our boys apart – figuratively and literally! Trust us when we say that this one has TEETH.

Picking right up from last issue’s cliffhanger, Quantum & Woody had snuck into their father’s old office at Quantum Engergy Solutions, where they were confronted by evil E.R.A.agents Johnny 1 & Johnny 2, who unleash The Nightmare Brigade, which is a multi-headed gray monster made up of some of people’s most statistically common worse nightmares, Spider, needles, and clowns. After almost getting killed by the beast, Quantum and Woody escape out the window of the 20-story skyscraper, and safely land on the ground, thanks to a hastily created force-field from Quantum. They have to duck into an alley to avoid the police, while Johnny 1 and Johnny 2 fly off (in Johnny 2’s mechanical wheelchair, which also contains a jetpack), after blowing up the 20th floor to remove all evidence. But the two Johnny’s also now know that Quantum & Woody are Derek Henderson’s sons, and that they have super-powers.

Switching back to their civilian identities (well, Eric does, but Woody doesn’t actually have a costumed identity, which is how Johnny 1 & 2 figured out whom they were), they hide out in the apartment of a woman whom Woody used to randomly hook up with (luckily, she’s not there). But then the two get into another argument and starting fighting again, using their powers against each other, and destroy the apartment, then split up again. Eric puts his quantum back on, and goes after Johnny 1 and 2, using a tracking device he planted on Johnny 2’s chair, while Woody heads to a luxury hotel to relax. But one of Woody’s criminal associates contacts Detective Cejudo and offers to tell her about all of the fake ID’s and credit cards that he’s helped Woody acquire, in exchange for the reward that’s out for him and Eric. Using that info, Cejudo is able to track Woody to the hotel, but instead of bringing other police officers with her, she brings a squad of E.R.A. soldiers (6 identical bald White women in body-armor, holding huge laser guns). As I suspected in my last review, she is working for their leader, a woman identified as “The Crone.”

At their secret island HQ, we learn that the E.R.A. stands for Edison’s Radical Acquisitions, and was formed decades ago by Thomas Edison to steal any advanced technology and kill the inventors, so the E.R.A. can keep it for themselves and profit off of it (I always knew Edison was a dick). That’s why they wanted Derek Henderson’s work, which was about creating a new kind of energy system, because it was apparently something that could have changed the world. And now that they have captured Woody, who is powered by Derek’s energy, they plan to dissect him to learn its secrets. Meanwhile Quantum is sneaking onto the island from the other side, unaware that he is about to walk into a trap, as the E.R.A. has a veritable army at its disposal.

Another great cliffhanger, wrapping up a satisfying issue. Once again, artist Tom Fowler does a great job with his clean, crisp style, and wrier James Asmus continues to effortless straddle the line between action, drama, and humor, making this a funny book that never once falls into slapstick (Eric and Woody’s argument in the apartment, which includes a debate about “Blackface”, is both emotional and hilarious). I’m really enjoying this series and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Available digitally on COMIXOLOGY and in print at your local comic-shop (probably).

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