I saw this on Comixology and it was only $1.99, so I thought, what the Hell, this is the perfect comic to review to kick off Black History Month, right?

The opening page is basically the origin of Martin Luther King Jr. In just 6 panels, we’re told how he grew up in Atlanta were he was taught the bible by his father, a Pastor. Then he went to Morehouse, then a Seminary, then met and married Coretta Scott, and moved to Alabama to become a preacher. It’s a very effect page, much like the first page to All Star Superman #1 where Grant Morrison retold Superman’s origin in 3 panels.

The next 8 pages are the story of how the famous Montgomery bus boycott got started. Were introduced to a man named Jones, who is our POV character. He breaks the 4th wall and talks to the reader, talking about life as a Black man in Alabama back in those days. And then he narrates the story of Rosa Parks and her arrest and how that led to the bus boycott, and the local government’s efforts to fight it, and how it ultimately succeeded. It’s pretty good.

The story is MARTIN LUTHER KING TELLS HOW A NATION WON ITS FREEDOM BY THE MONTGOMERY METHOD. This has Dr. King addressing a crowd in church and over the next two pages we see the story of Mahatma Ghandi and his fight for freedom in India.

And then the final four pages are titled HOW THE MONTGOMERY METHOD WORKS and is basically an instructional guide, with images of how to lead peaceful protests using non-violence.

This is a decent little comic-book, which serves it’s purpose, as well as a fascinating insight into the early Civil Rights Movement. The only downside is that there are no credits, so I can’t praise the writer and artist (& inker, colorist, and letterer), all it says is that the comic was published by Fellowship of Reconciliation, but they all did a good job.



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