First off, allow me to quote myself:

I personally think the Real Housewives of Atlanta are already so much worse. Seeing these grown women, mostly in their late 30′s and early 40′s, who are supposed to represent the “elite” members of Black society, acting like cheap ghetto hoodrats is so disappointing. Last year was the worst, as it totally ruined Kenya Moore for me. I lusted after her for years, until she got on that show and revealed herself to be a self-centered BITCH, I can’t stand her now. And that show’s ratings are through the roof!

That’s from my post MAURY’S MODERN-DAY MINSTREL SHOW. Nothing has changed my mind about that show, and shows like it, since then. Of course, I’d heard about the physical fight between RHOA cast members Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, and my initial thought was just “here we go again, more buffoonery.” But I have to say what has disturbed me the most are the number of comments I’ve seen online, on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere, from Black women who DEFEND Porsha’s actions. They’re all like “I’m glad she smacked that bitch! Kenya deserved it!” blah blah blah.

NO! That is so wrong. These are GROWN WOMEN. This is NOT how ADULTS are supposed to behave. Especially when you’re representing “us” (Black people in general, Black women in particular) on television. I’m sorry but Miss Williams is 32 years old. That’s old enough to know better than to go putting your hands on someone, particularly on national television. It’s bad enough when our Black youth do this nonsense and then upload videos of the fights on Youtube and World Star Hip-Hop, but as adults we have got to present a better image than this.

And I’ve already acknowledged that Kenya Moore often acts like a bitch on that show. And so I went ahead and watched a replay of the reunion show where this went down. And yeah, Kenya was acting like an even bigger bitch than usual on that episode. And her behavior was almost just as bad, sticking a scepter in Porsha’s face, and then using a friggin’ bullhorn?!? Heck, I don’t blame Porsha at all for wanting to smack Kenya, but she still shouldn’t have, and there’s no excuse for it.

And you know who I really blame for this shit? THIS motherfucker right here:


Andy Cohen. Executive producer of all these Real Housewives shows and TV host on the Bravo network. He’s the one producing and promoting this trash and encouraging the cast members to act like fools on TV because that’s great ratings and more money for him. That’s all it is. He can act all shocked and concerned after the fact but look at his stupid-ass face during the show.


This White man was having a ball, laughing and smirking as these adult Black women yelled at each other for his entertainment. I ask you, WHY THE HELL DID HE ALLOW KENYA TO BRING A SCEPTER AND A BULLHORN TO THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE?!? He did that because he knew it would start trouble, which is exactly what he wanted. All leading up to the fight every time they’d cut to Cohen’s face you’d see him smiling and laughing. You never see him trying to settle anything, when any of the women talk over each other, he never tells one to be quiet and let the other one speak, he just lets them act crazy. It’s disgraceful.

Not that this excuses Porsha and Kenya, nor the rest of the women on that show, for their actions. Every single one of them should quit that damn show. But as long as there are those willing to trade their self-respect for celebrity, there will always be replacements…

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