Earlier this year, the Oxygen TV network announced plans to launch a reality show called “All My Babies’ Mamas”. This would feature a rapper called Shawty Lo, who has 11 children by 10 different women, and it would have him living with all the children and their mothers in one house. This sparked some outrage online and led to some folks creating an online petition against the show, which gained over 10,000 signatures, and, subsequently, Oxygen dropped plans to drop the show from their line-up. I personally got some flack for this from a Facebook group I was in when the show and petition were announced because I said that I honestly didn’t see why THIS particular show was so bad, and therefore I didn’t sign the petition to stop it. I mean, I had zero intention to ever watch the show, if it were aired, but I also didn’t see any overwhelming reason to go out of my way to stop it from airing because, in my opinion, there is already so much crap on TV, especially when it comes to “reality” TV, that it seems odd to me why this was the final straw for some folks.

I personally think the Real Housewives of Atlanta are already so much worse. Seeing these grown women, mostly in their late 30’s and early 40’s, who are supposed to represent the “elite” members of Black society, acting like cheap ghetto hoodrats is so disappointing. Last year was the worst, as it totally ruined Kenya Moore for me. I lusted after her for years, until she got on that show and revealed herself to be a self-centered BITCH, I can’t stand her now. And that show’s ratings are through the roof!

But the absolute worst is Maury Povich. I didn’t even know this was still on the air. But I happened to have had to stay home from work a couple of days last week, due to a minor injury, and that first day I happened to catch Maury on TV, and I could not believe what I was seeing. I only watched one segment, as it was all I could take. It was one of his infamous paternity test episodes, where Maury brought on a man and a woman (both Black), to see if the man was really the father of the woman’s child like she claimed he was. Both of them look like rejects from a casting call for Boys in The Hood, shouting at each other, the woman insisting that the man is the father, she’s 100% sure, there’s no possible other father, while the man is denying it, saying she’s lying and calling her a Ho and other names. Then Maury reveals the test results, saying the man is NOT the father, the woman runs backstage and starts crying, while the man jumps up out of his seat and starts dancing on stage while hip-hop music plays in the background. And the audience, which appears to be mostly Black and Hispanic, are jumping up and clapping and shouting, like a bunch of monkeys. It is beyond pathetic. It’s hideous. This shit makes Amos N Andy look like Masterpiece Theater.

Why the fuck is THIS allowed to keep airing?!? I remember seeing Maury doing this stuff like 20 years ago, and it’s still playing? Sweet fancy Moses. What is wrong with these people? Why would anyone go on a show to behave like this? Imagine those babies when they’ve grown up and have to see these clips?

Of course, I’m sure that many of these guests are fake, people who just want to be on TV, but that almost makes it even worse. What has happened to our society that has made some people that desperate to be famous? It doesn’t even matter what you’re known for, as you’re known for something, right?

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    • I haven’t caught that one, but I have heard bad things about it. And Big Rich Atlanta, and Bad Girls Club. The way some people are willing to degrade themselves on TV is just shameful.


    • I’m watching that show right now (don’t ask me why), and two of these women actually get into a fist-fight right in the middle of a black tie charity party, and they have to call the police on them to get them out of the house. It’s disgraceful.


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