X #10

Carmine Tango, the ruthless supercriminal obsessed with astrology, has returned to Arcadia! When his army stages a citywide blackout and begins looting the city, X takes to the streets . . . but as Leigh soon discovers, X and Tango have a history—this fight is personal!


Two main stories here. Carmine Tango, and old Arcadia Crime Boss has recently been paroled, and he has returned to the city looking to rebuild his criminal empire and fill the power vacuum that’s in the city since X has been cleaning it up. X has already sent a warning to Tango, so now Tango is determined to kill him first. Tango is also a bit loony, and is obsessed with astrology. So therefor he has kidnapped a man who used to write an astrology column for the old newspaper that Leigh used to work for, and is forcing him to “read the stars” to give him advice on his criminal actions. One of the first things Tango does is arrange for a blackout in the city one night, and then sends his armed henchmen out to the rich part of the city to still cars and money. X arrives on the scene with his sword and his guns and after several pages brutal action we’re left with a bunch of dead henchmen. Then X is on the top of a building finding himself confronted by a man dressed as a cowboy, calling himself Gamble, and acting as if he knows X. But X doesn’t believe that he’s really Gamble but he says he killed Gamble. After another brief shootout, Gamble then sets off a bomb, blowing up the top of the building that they’re both standing on…TO BE CONTINUED

There’s also the continuing subplot of Leigh secretly looking into X’s background. Armed with a photo of a young boy that she thinks might be X as a kid, she visits a Convent and speaks to an old, partially senile Nun and then goes to a bar to speak to a drunk ex-cop, both of whom knew the kid. We don’t get many details (like the kid’s name), just that he was trouble, tried to runaway a few times, and the possibly fell in with Organized Crime (which would explain why Mr. Berkshire recognized X back in issue #4). The mystery deepens and I’m loving it! FIVE STAR

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