Another 1990’s softcore classic from Axis Films International. Written by Russell Lavalle, who also wrote Axis Films’ Sins of The Night, and directed by Gregory Dark (credited as Alexander Gregory Hippolyte), this film is from 1993. And first, let me just say, don’t worry if you haven’t seen Secret Games 1 first, the two films have nothing to do with the other, despite both starring Martin Hewitt. He played a totally different character there.

In this film, Hewitt stars as Kyle Lake, a “performance artist.” He’s married to Heather (Marie Leroux), an uptight businesswoman who is sexually inhibited, unable to really enjoy sex with Kyle, and is frustrated with being the primary breadwinner in their home, since Kyle doesn’t make a lot of money with his “art.” When Heather goes away on a business trip, Kyle calls an escort named Stacey (Amy Rochelle) and has sex with her. He begins calling her more and more often, becoming consumed with passion for Stacey, who is willing to act out any sexual fantasy that Kyle desires, including allowing him to videotape them having sex. For his birthday she even brings along another escort, played by Holly Spencer, so they can have a threesome with Martin, and have sex with each other while Martin watches (& videotapes it). When Martin expresses a desire to see Stacey with another man, she brings along a dude named Hector (Thomas Milan) and has sex with him on Martin’s bed. There’s also a night when Martin calls Stacey but she can’t make it so she sends over an escort named Darci (Jennifer Peace) for him to have sex with.

Despite his lust for Stacey, Kyle also meets and begins having an affair with Irene (Sara Suzanne Brown), a bored housewife who is married to a man named Bill (Mark Paladini), who is considering buying Kyle and Heather’s house. Kyle seduces Irene, and begins convincing her to be more sexually daring with him, including having sex with him on a table while Bill is in another room in the house, and also allowing him to videotape them having sex.

Irene begins falling for Kyle, but he thinks he’s falling for Stacey. So Kyle rejects Irene for Stacey except Stacey just likes playing with his emotions and rejects him. Heather returns and tries to make her marriage to Kyle work, even trying to be more sexually open, but then she finds Kyle’s videotapes of him with Stacey, and files for divorce, leaving Kyle all alone. THE END

Despite the depressing ending for Kyle, this film is worth watching for the many high-quality sex scenes. In particular, Amy Rochelle is astounding, and just melts the screen with every appearance. Not that the other women, especially Brown, are slouches either. Really, Axis assembled a great cast of talent here. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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