Y’know, I freely admit that I like porn. And I like porn stars. I even follow a few on Twitter. But a thing I will never understand is this whole wishlist phenomenon that’s popped up in the last couple of years. It may have been longer than that, I’ve just noticed it, where I see porn stars linking to an wishlist on their Twitter, Facebook pages, and websites. And they’ll actually send out tweets and updates about it like “I’ve just added some items to my wishlist!” or “My birthday’s coming up, get me something!”, along with a link to the wishlist. And it’s not just the hardcore pornstars, I’ve seen a few softcore stars and nude models who also have wishlists. And it’s not just the ladies, I know of some gay male pornstars who also have wishlists.

I guess I can’t really knock the stars for doing this if there are fans will to buy stuff for them. But that’s my question, who are these people that buy stuff off of pornstar wishlists for them? And why? Seriously, WHY?!? What’s in it, for YOU?!? The star might give you a “shout out” on Twitter? Big deal!

I understand being a huge fan of someone. But the idea of buying gifts for them…I don’t know. I mean, I love Kendra Lust, she’s become one of my favorite MILFS in the business in the recent years. But when I see her posting her wishlist saying “spoil me, I spoil back!” And look at the replies, in response to a question asking how she “spoils back” she answers “signed pics , dvd’s and panties xo and sometimes a phone call Depends what you buy”

Really? That’s it? There’s a bajillion photos of her on the internet, do I really need one with her signature on it? DVD’s I can get myself. I’m not one of those freaks (no offense) who gets off on sniffing women’s panties, even if they’re used, so that’s not much. The biggest reward I might get is a phone call? Is that worth it? I look at her Wishlist, most recent item is a $218.95 purse, followed by some $350.63 shoes, why would I buy that for her, or any woman I don’t know? And how about the most expensive item on her list, $2,699.00 home exercise machine. Are you kidding me?!? If I were to buy that for her, then we’ll be keeping it in MY house, and she can come over to work out on it whenever she wants, as long as we’re having sex afterwards.

I swear, I’m not trying to be crude about it, I’m not one of those guys who’s like “If I spend money on a woman than I expect sex in return,” but we’re talking about stuff that they’re directly asking for. So if Lisa Ann, my other favorite MILF, wants me to buy her a $598 dress, then I want her wearing that on a date with me. Let’s get real.

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