Baby Doll Diaries (Double Feature)


I picked this up the same time I picked up Candy Stripers Over the Edge (Double Feature) (Co-Feature Bridesmaids Over the Edge). It’s from the same studio, Retromedia, and much of the same production team of producer Charles Dexter, Director Roger Sales, Videographer Randall Silver, along with editor Micha Pierce, and music by Mack Franklin. This single disc features two separate videos, each running about 55 minutes (and filmed back in 2007, although this was only released on DVD in December 2014), which are mostly just a series of vignettes of beautiful women getting naked on camera and simulating lesbian sex with each other.

First up is BABY DOLL DIARIES starring Nicole Sheridan, Christine Nguyen, (who is credited as “Lucy”, for some reason), and two women only listed as Veronica and Jessica (they look familiar but I don’t know for sure whom they are, and there’s no IMDB listing for this video). It opens with Nicole addressing the camera, letting us know that she runs a very successful Escort Agency and that she is going to be auditioning three new ladies today to see if they’ve got what it takes to work for her. The ladies arrive and Nicole has them sit on the couch so she can start interviewing them. She starts with Christine, who says she’s a 19 year old college student. Nicole asks her about her dating and sexual history, and then has her strip naked so Nicole can take some pictures. Then she moves on to Veronica, who is just 18 and seems a little inexperienced. So Nicole has Christine (who is still sitting there naked) kiss her, and then has Veronica feel Christine’s breasts. Then it’s Veronica’s turn to get naked so Nicole can take pictures of her. And then Nicole interviews Jessica, who is 22, and then has her get naked to take pictures.

Then it’s time for some role-play. Nicole has Veronica play an escort and Christine play a potential customer, and act out them meeting at a party and arranging a date. After a few minutes this leads to them having sex on the couch while Nicole watches and plays with herself. The scene is about 7 minutes long. Then Nicole takes Jessica and Lucy into another room with a pool table, which has some bondage gear on it. It’s another role-play exercise, with Jessica playing the customer who has hired an escort, played by Christina, to her house for some light S&M play. Jessica gets on the pool table and Christine starts spanking her with a riding crop. Then the ladies take turns using a cat-o-nine-tails on each other and then they each go down on each other, while Nicole gets off with a pool cue. That scene is almost 10 minutes. The next role-play is in a bedroom with Veronica has the customer and Jessica as the escort. The two of have sex for about 6 minutes in what is a VERY hot scene.

Then it switches to the bathroom, with Jessica, Veronica, and Christine in a bubble bath, washing each other, as Nicole sits next to the tub and watches them. That’s just about 5 minutes. And then the ladies dry off and Nicole takes them all to her bed and has Veronica and Christine have sex while she has sex with Jessica. Eventually the ladies switch partners, so it’s Nicole with Christine while Jessica is with Veronica. The 4-way goes on for 6-7 minutes, with Nicole saying they’re all hired, but now they have to leave because she’s got 3 more girls coming to be auditioned. THE END.

Next up is BABY DOLL STRIPPERS, featuring Victoria, Oklahoma, Lexi and Laci. Again, no last names, so I’m not sure who they are, except for Oklahoma, who is a hardcore porn star. Very similar premise as the first video. Victoria introduces herself as owner of one of the hottest strip-clubs in L.A. and she’s invited the other 3 girls over to audition to be strippers for her. She sits them down an interviews them. First is Oklahoma, who is 19. Victoria asks if she has experience girl-girl, and she says she has, so she proves it on Lexi. First she licks her neck, then they french-kiss, then she pulls down Lexi’s top and licks her breasts, and then Lexi does the same to Oklahoma. Then, with their tops still off, she gives Lexi a lap-dance. Then Victoria stands up and Oklahoma dances up against her. Then it’s Lexi’s turn to be interviewed. She’s 25 and had been a stripper before, but then quite when she got married. Now she’s divorced and wants to get started again. The she’s asked to prove she can do a show for another woman. So Lexi has Lacy stand up and dances with her, she also kisses her than pulls open Laci’s shirt and licks her breasts and then gives her a lap-dance. Then Victoria interviews Laci, who is 21. And while still topless she gives Victoria a quick lap-dance.

Victoria takes Lexi and Lacy upstairs to a bedroom. She has Lacy change into a matching purple bra and panties and then give Lexi dance for them. Laci gives Lexi and lap-dance as she strips out of the underwear, which eventually leads to her stripping Lexi out of the rest of her clothes and the two women get on the bed and kiss, caress, and go down on each other, all while Victoria watches and takes notes. It’s a hot scene that lasts almost 10 minutes. Then they come back downstairs and Victoria takes Oklahoma back upstairs with her. She’s given some lingerie to change into and then Victoria makes her dance for her. This also leads to sex, in a 7-minute scene. After that, Victoria says they all need to cool down, so she takes them into a large show where they 4 ladies spend about 5 minutes washing each other. After the show they drive off and get on a bed and have a 4-way which lasts almost 10 minutes. When it’s over, Victoria says she they’re all hired and start work at her club that night at 8pm. THE END.

Once again, I won’t bother trying to rate this. Hopefully I’ve been descriptive enough to let you know exactly what to expect from this DVD. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, get it. If not, don’t.


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