The Pride Adventures vol. 2

Time for a second round of Pride Adventures, as our heroes face new foes and threats and even find some time to hit the bar!

This volume contains 4 new short stories, mostly written by co-creator Joe Glass, with one exception, featuring various members of the GLBT superhero team The Pride.

Written by newcomer PJ Montgomery, with art by Christian Wilgoose, is an 8-page story, which as a costumed supervillain dressed like a lion, with a gang of henchmen (and women) dressed like lioness’ and cubs, robbing a bank. This group calls themselves The Pride (as in “a Pride of lions”), so Fabman and Wolf arrive to not only save the bank and the hostages in it, but also to stop these crooks from using their name. It’s a fun story, with some decent action, showing the two heroes to have a Superman/Batman type of friendship.

Written by Joe Glass with art by Denis Medri is a 5-page story, in which San Francisco is being invaded from the sea by an armada of warships lead by Muscle Mary’s Amazonian warriors. It seems that many of them are angry that they’re Queen has “abandoned” them for our world, and intend to make her (and us) pay. Muscle Mary stands ready to repel them, with not only member of the Pride but a dozen other superheroes behind her, and try to convince her people that she has a reason for staying in America.

written by Joe Glass with art by Dani Abram is a funny little 2-page story, with Muscle Mary, Frost, and Angel out drinking together at a bar one night, when a random water-powered supervillain attacks. I won’t spoil the ending, but he’s taken care of rather ingeniously.

written by Joe Glass with art by Joshua Faith. This 5-page story follows up from a story in The Pride Adventures Vol. 1, where the local police contact the team for help in stopping the new anti-hero OUTRAGE. He’s been using his high-tech suit of armor to go after and brutally murder gay-bashers. This leads to discussion amongst the team, as some members can’t help but sympathize with his motives, even if they don’t agree with his methods. In the end the team agrees to hunt him down, and it’s basically left on this cliffhanger.

Unlike Vol. 1, this issue is heavier on the superhero action aspect of the the team, and not as emotional. So this should appeal to established fans as easily as it will mainstream superhero fans. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

available on comixology

I should also mention that all these books are also for sale, both in print and pdf form directly through Joe Glass’ own website:

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