Thrills: Beauty And The Beach/A Most Dangerous Desire

Once again I’ll be reviewing two episodes of the 2001 softcore TV series THRILLS, which starred Lauren Hays. I’m actually going a bit backwards here, as first I reviewed the third and fifth episodes and then the next week I reviewed the 7th and 8th episodes, and now this week I’m reviewing the first two episodes. Both of which were written by regular writer Alon Kaplan.

Directed by Madison Monroe, this episode introduces us to Thrills reporter Jeff (played by Juan Carlos). Unlike later episodes, this one doesn’t begin with a full sex scene. It begins with Jeff approaching a hot tub at night, and a beautiful woman (Nancy O’Brien aka Brenda O’Neil) steps out of the hot tub. She’s topless, and doesn’t say a word, just walks up to Jeff and kisses him…and then he wakes up, getting a phone call from Felicia telling him to report to come into the office. And then we get the opening credits.

At the office, Felicia gives him his assignment, a world famous supermodel named Michelle (Mariana Valdez) is about to do her very first nude photo shoot, and Jeff is sent to cover the story. Jeff goes to the beach where the shoot is taking place. He meets Michelle, and the makeup woman Chloe (Madeira Turner), who then go into a tent on the beach and have hot lesbian sex while Jeff peeks in. Then it’s time for the photo shoot and Jeff is shocked to meet the photographer who is Kim, the women from his opening dream, who is also his ex-girlfriend. The breakup was acrimonious, and Kim isn’t happy to see Jeff, but they try to agree to remain professional, as they both have jobs to do.

We’re then treated to a montage of Michelle posing along the beach naked, while Kim takes her picture. We later get a scene where Kim strips naked and looks at herself in a mirror, and then she flashes back to where Jeff and Kim broke up, due to conflicting schedules in their careers. Michelle then takes it upon herself to play matchmaker and get them back together, eventually succeeding, and the episode ends with Jeff and Kim making love at night on the beach.

Directed by Lucas Riley, this episode focuses on Thrills reporter Denise, played by former adult film star Devinn Lane. Right away we see that she’s a sexually frustrated exhibitionist. In the opening scene she has sex with her boyfriend Brian (Paul Logan) in a public place, but when it’s over we that she was just fantasizing, and when Brian shows up and sees her masturbating in public, they fight and split up. After the opening credits where’s at the Thrills Magazine offices. Felicia has Denise in for a meeting with FBI Agent Paul Roark (Vince Vouyer as Gary Tangellini). Agent Roark informs Denise that her ex-roommate Lori is now the Mistress of Mafia boss Marcus Gamboni, and they want to know what Denise knows about her. Denise agrees to help if she can cover the investigation, and Agent Roark agrees.

The FBI is staked out in an apartment across the building from where Lori lives, and they’re secretly watching her. When Denise arrives with Agent Roark, she’s taken into another room and strip-searched by Roark’s female partner Kara (Lori Bach). The search turns into hot Lesbian sex between the two, but when it’s over we learn that it’s just another fantasy. Over the course of the stakeout, Denise has several fantasies involving stripping and having sex with Agent Roark. We also get scene where we see Lori (played by Jennifer Smith) stripping and masturbating on her bed. Eventually Gamboni (played by Carlo Alongi) shows up and they have sex. Without spoiling all the details, with Denise’s help, Gamboni gets arrested, and then she and Roark can finally have sex for real.

Two great episodes, especially the second one, which was enhanced by Devinn’s undeniable sex appeal. And these episodes also show that right from the start, the producers were trying to create something that wasn’t just about the sex, but also had some interesting stories to go along with it. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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