Sorceress II: The Temptress

Sorceress 2

I only recently discovered that this sequel to 1995’s erotic cult classic film, Sorceress. Released 2 years later, it doesn’t have anywhere near the recognition that the first film does. And after finally getting a chance to view it, I can see why.

It’s credited as “A Jim Wynorski Production” and Wynorski even makes a brief appearance in the film, but it is written and directed by Richard Styles (I’ve checked, and he appears to be a real person, not just one of Wynorski’s many alias’). Julie Strain re-appears in this film, but playing an entirely different character. In fact, despite the title, this story has no connection to the original film at all. They do re-use Julie Strain’s opening footage from the previous film, where she is performing a magical ritual while wearing a see-through robe with nothing on underneath. And while lingering close-ups of Strain’s naked body are a great way to begin a film, it pretty much all goes downhill from there.

The basic premise is that a man named Paul, played by Greg Wrangler, is recently divorced, unemployed, and drowning in debt. He’s been having bizarre dreams about a woman (Julie Strain) having sex on a bed with some blindfolded man, but doesn’t know what it means. He then gets a seemingly random phone call with a job offer to move to a small town named Coventry, to work for a company called Coventry Cosmetics, in their marketing department. He’s given enough to pay off his debts, and he’s even given a house to live in, in Coventry. He takes the job and meets the bosses, three sisters, Tara, Katlin, and Noella Coventry (played by Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, and Jenna Bair). But he continues having his nightmares. And then he thinks something is fishy about the supposed natural death of his predecessor and…oh, who cares?

I’m sorry, but I honestly tried watching this film twice, so I could write a decent review, but this film simply does not hold my interest at all. That is not the fault of the cast. Particularly leading man Wrangler, who honestly seems like he’s doing the best he can with the material that he’s given, but the story is just not engaging at all. The pacing is too slow, and instead of building up the mystery it just seems to be dragging it out. The Coventry sisters are all witches, and there’s some warlock named Zoran (Marshal Hilton) who is doing…something, I’m not sure. Trasy Broussard plays some kind of agent who has been investigating the company and tries to warn Paul against working for them, but Zoran finds her first and makes her disappear (after also making her strip her clothes off, for some reason), Paige Trent plays another witch who has left the company is also working against them. Katherine Ann McGregor plays Paul’s new secretary Maryanna, who also suspects something sinister is going on with the company and tries to help Paul figure it out. Michael Jay plays Paul’s assistant, who quickly disappears after Paul catches him having sex with Noella in the office. The cast is all fine, really. But, like I said, the film just doesn’t give them much to work with.

There’s some decent shots of female nudity here (from most of the ladies, including Peggy Trentini and Lynn Daly), but not even enough for me to recommend this film. And that’s a darn shame, because having Julie Strain and Julie K. Smith together in a film should be an automatic 5-Star rating. But the whole thing just feels like a cheap attempt to cash in on the name of the first film. I’m not even going to rate it. The only reason I’m even reviewing it is because it is available on a cheap DVD containing an UNRATED version of the first film, which is hard to find. So it’s worth getting the DVD just for that.


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