This 1995 film is a certified CLASSIC as far as softcore films/b-movies are concerned. I’d definitely say that it’s Amazonian actress Julie Strain’s signature role. And, not only that, it also features Rochelle Swanson, a highly underrated and drop dead gorgeous actress whom I’ve written about before. So with two of the sexiest sirens of softcore cinema in one film, you know it’s gotta be good!

This review will contain some minor spoilers.

Written by Mark Thomas McGee and directed by Jim Wynorski (in one of his earliest “erotic” films) the technical star of this film is Larry Poindexter. He plays Larry Barnes, an attorney. The premise of the film is that he married a woman named Erika (Julie Strain), who claims to practice witchcraft, something which Larry never believed in. She even told him that she cast a spell on him to make him fall in love with her and marry her in the first place. But Larry always just laughed this off. But when Larry is passed over for Partnership in his law firm, Erika casts a spell to kill his friend and rival, Howard (Edward Albert), who had got the Partnership instead. The spell hits while Howard is driving home from work, he has some kind of heart attack, and jumps out of his car just before he careens off of a cliff. So Howard survives, but is now in wheelchair, disabled for an undetermined amount of time. Larry had come home right while Erika was in the middle of performing the spell, and even though he doesn’t believe in it he’s angry with her (because, apparently, she’s made threats to harm people with magic before) and he decides to leave. But as he’s trying to pack a suitcase and leave she tries to physically restrain him but he pushes her away and she falls off of their 2nd-story balcony and dies. He last words to Larry were: You’ll never be rid of me. Never.

This is all before the opening credits.

The film jumps forward an unspecified amount of time. Larry had been staying with his friends Don and Kathy (Lenny Juliano and Kristi Ducati) but is now ready to move back into his home. However he’s still plagued by thoughts of Erica. As he walks around the how he sees vision of her, including visions of past times where he and Erica together. He remembers a time when the two of them had a threesome with Erica’s friend Maria (Toni Naples), who also engages in witchcraft and is the one who taught Erica about it, for his birthday in their bed. And then another time after that when he and Erica made love in front of their fireplace, where Larry asked if it would be weird after the threesome, but Erica said she didn’t worry because Larry couldn’t love another woman, due to her magic.

Rochelle plays Carol, Larry’s ex-girlfriend, whom he broke up with to get with Erica (which, again Erica, claims was due to her magic). She comes by to console him, and they have sex, leading to rekindling their relationship. But it turns out that Howard’s wife Amelia (played Linda Blair, yes THE Linda Blair) is also a witch. And she knows what Erica did, and wants revenge. She uses magic to hypnotize her handyman Stan (Michael Parks) to try to kill Larry. But Stan fails, and then tries to kill Amelia instead. He fails at that too. So Amelia’s plan is to use her magic to slowly sort of posses Carol and make Carol start acting more like Erica. Rochelle starts the film wearing a blonde wig, but as Amelia’s spell kicks in, Carole “dyes” her hair black, just like Erica’s was, and starts acting more sexual and seductive, also like Erica. Larry is a little put-off by these changes, but tries to go along with it. Then, one day, when Don and Harris have joined Carol and Larry at Larry’s house to help him do some repainting, Carol finally snaps and begins to go on a killing spree…

Okay, that’s enough story spoilers. But this is a very gripping film. And, yes, it’s helped by the semi-gratiuitous nudity and sex scenes. Neither Julie nor Rochelle is shy about showing their “assets” and they get ample opportunity to do so in this film. The highlight of which is a three-way lesbian scene between the two of them and Toni Naples (in a dream sequence). Those three ladies practically melt the screen. They all also happened to be decent actresses, so they’re not just cast for their looks. And the presence of an iconic figure like Blair also gives this film some extra ability. And one a side-note, the film also contains a small role by William Marshall, the man who played BLACULA!

And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out Larry Poindexter. He does pretty much carry the load of this film, and does so very well, making him a relatable character whom the audience can identify with and care about. And Wynorski directs this film very well, with a suitably “spooky” atmosphere. I love this film, and can’t recommend it high enough. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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