Hello, Chacebookers, I’m back! And I’m starting this week off with a new softcore film review!

Now, the review may be new, but this movie isn’t. If you’re a fan of softcore films, then you’ve probably noticed that the genre is in a bit of a slump right now, as no studios appear to be making new softcore flicks or TV shows. This film was released on DVD by Retromedia in February of this year, but I don’t think that they actually made it. The copyright in the credits gives the year as “MMIV”, which is 2004, and is credited to “Temptation Home Video Inc.” So I don’t know if it’s been released before under another name, but I can’t find any info about this film on IMDB or elsewhere.

Anyway, it is written by Victoria Winters and Co-Directed by Michael Windsor and Evan Stone. Stone plays David Blake, a Romance Novelists is suffering from writer’s block as he attempts to write his latest novel by the deadline his publisher has given him. Nicole Sheridan plays his wife, Justine, who is a model. Voodoo/Alexandre Boisvert plays Richard, a photographer with whom Justine is having an affair, and Rebecca Love plays Wendy, another model, who works with Justine and Richard.

In the beginning of the film, David is home alone, while Justine is in some other city shooting pictures with Richard. Late at night, during a storm, a mysterious woman (played by Poppy Morgan) appears, unconscious, out on her front lawn. The woman, who is never referred to be name and is simply credited as “Witch”, claims to be a woman who was tried and attempted to be burned as a witch in Salem, in the 1600’s. She said she somehow traveled to the future to be with David. She seduces David, and then disappears the next morning, but leave a tattoo of a Pentagram on David’s arm. Justine returns home, bringing Justine and Wendy with her, ostensibly to shoot some more modeling pictures, and things David is just seeing things from working too hard, when he tries to tell her about the Witch.

Over the course of the next day and night, the witch reappears and seduces Justine, David finally finds himself inspired to write again and beings furiously typing out a new book which is a based on the Salem Witch trials, before the Witch then apparently hypnotizes him into wanting to stab Justine to death. And I won’t say anymore as to avoid major spoilers. But that’s the gist of it.

There’s decent plot-line in there, which could have made for a compelling and suspenseful story if done better. I’m thinking of something like the softcore horror classic SORCERESS. But it’s just sort of slapped together here, with none of the characters being developed much. And it’s pretty short, around an hour and 15 mintues, I’d estimate.

There’s five full sex scenes. The first one, which opens the film, is between Evan Stone and a woman credited only as “Brooke” (who looks a little familiar, but I can’t recall her full name). The scene is a fantasy sequence, where they’re supposed to be characters in the book David is writing, so they’re dressed in old “royal” costumes and it takes place in front of a castle.

There’s also a scene with Evan and Poppy in front of fireplace in David’s house.

Poppy and Nicole have a lesbian scene together.

Nicole and Voodoo have a scene together and also a threesome scene with Rebecca.

There’s also a brief scene of Nicole masturbating while nude, which I guess is supposed to count as a sixth “sex scene.”

The scenes are all fine, the lesbian scene and the threesome being the highlights, but nothing that really stands out.

Overall, this is a pretty average film, not exactly essential for softcore fans. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


UPDATE 07-28-18: One of my loyal readers, and Facebook Friend, MIKE HOOD has contacted me to give me some info about this film. First, he noted that “Brooke,” whom I couldn’t recognize, is Brooke Banner. And, most importantly, he noted this is actually a re-cut version of a Hardcore porn film, released years ago called BURN (NSFW link). I have to say, it was a good job, as I never would have guessed that this was an edited film. I guess that explains why there were only 5 sex scenes, instead of the standard 7 that softcore films tend to have, because 5 is enough in XXX, as the scenes are much longer. It likely also explains the two directors, as perhaps Evan Stone reshot the sex scenes to make them fit the softcore designation, but that’s just speculation on my part.

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