Rebecca’s Secret

rebecca's secret

Written and directed by Ellyn Michaels, this 1998 film stars Amy Rochelle as Rebecca, the owner of Rebecca’s Secret, a high-end lingerie company, ala Victoria’s Secret. She’s married to Jonathan (Michael Baci), who runs the company. Jonathan is also an asshole, who blatantly cheats on Rebecca, not only with models who the company hires, but with Rebecca’s best friend Gwen (Lauren Hayes). It’s unclear if Rebecca is aware of Jonathan and Gwen’s affair, but she is aware of the others, and she and Gwen plot to kill Jonathan to keep him from taking the lingerie company away from Rebecca. So one night Gwen slips somethings in Jonathan’s drink, which knocks him (or supposedly kills him, I’m not sure), then they take his body and put it in his car, drive it out to a cliff, and then push it over with him in it, to make it look like he died in a driving accident. But the next day the police arrive saying that they found the wrecked car at the bottom of the cliff, but there was no body inside it. Rebecca freaks out, thinking Jonathan survived, but Gwen assures her that he’s dead and they just haven’t found the body yet (maybe it got tossed from the wreckage, she suggests), and Gwen tells Rebecca to just act natural so the police don’t suspect anything.

But over the next couple of days Rebecca starts finding evidence that she thinks proves that Jonathan is still alive, like finding his shoes in the kitchen, but Gwen thinks she’s just seeing things. Then one night a man named Max (Christopher Bennett) breaks into her house and tries to kill Rebecca, claiming that Jonathan had hired him to do it. She overpowers him by seducing him, and then locks him in her basement until she can figure out if Jonathan is alive or dead. Meanwhile a police detective (Brenda Stone) is suspicious of both Rebecca and Gwen and investigates them. I won’t say any more, as to avoid spoiling the rest of the film, other than to say there is a twist in the end, as we see that most of the characters in this film have secrets.

Overall it’s a decent film. The plot is mostly plausible. Coming on the tail-end of the 90’s, this sort of story invokes the “erotic thrillers” of that decade. Both Amy Rochelle and Lauren Hayes are absolutely gorgeous (although Hayes has blonde hair in this film, which isn’t her best look, in my opinion), and they each have several sex scenes, and other scenes where they’re nude or in various stages of undress. The best one is a lengthy dream sequence, where Amy is on her bed having sex, but the man she’s with keeps switching back and forth between Jonathan and Max. Although there a flaw that in two scenes both Baci and Bennett are clearly seen wearing a sock on their cocks. That got past Michaels and whatever editors this film had. Avalon Anders also has a small role as a model, which includes a couple of sex scenes. And the film clocks in at about and hour and twenty minutes.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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  1. Although the love scenes are somewhat tepid, the hotness of the three main female leads — Amy Rochelle, Avalon Anders, and Lauren Hays — elevate this movie above the “forgettable” label. All three are stunning, especially when wearing thong/g-string panties and skimpy swimwear, and their gorgeous assets (breasts, buns, and cameltoes) are featured quite prominently.

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