Last issue’s cliffhanger was a big one. Using his creative imagination, Joey was able to come up with a way to connect our world to Mighty Mouse’s cartoon world. But before Mighty Mouse could go back home, dozens of spaceships of the evil Cat-like aliens who were invading Mouseville made it through and immediately set upon attacking our world! So now, before he can return to his rightful reality, Mighty Mouse must defeat the aliens in ours.

So what follows are multiple pages of thrilling action as Mighty Mouse battles the alien invaders in the heart of the city. But he’s still just one being against dozens. The aliens ships are able to cause plenty of damage in the city, and the local police are helpless, as their guns are completely useless against these real-life cartoon beings. Then the National Guard shows up, but they don’t fare any better. As the situation gets more dire, one of the police officers who questioned Joey last issue suspects that he might be involved in the chaos, and seeks him out. But what can Joey do in a situation like this? Apparently, quite a bit, but I won’t spoil that.

Sholly Fisch ramps up the action and suspense in this miniseries’ penultimate issue. You literally can’t guess what will happen next, as the story flows from page to the next. Artist Igor Lima, backed again by colorist “Mohan,” illustrates the action beautifully, which helps make this one of the most exciting comics I’ve read all year.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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