The Key To Sex

Here’s a longtime favorite softcore film of mine. It was a Playboy TV film, released in late 1999 (the good ol’ days). Written by Christopher Byrne and directed by John Quinn, this film stars Scott Carson as Simon. He’s an aspiring screenwriter working as an assistant for a powerful movie producer named Alan (Francis O’Leary), who co-owns his own studio. Despite working for this studio, Simon is getting nowhere in his chosen profession as he can’t even get anyone at the studio to read his scripts. Simon is also a prototypical “Nice Guy” who doesn’t have much luck with women. His current unrequited crush is Carrie (Jeannie Millar), who works as a secretary at the movie studio, and is friendly towards him but doesn’t appear to see him as anything more than that.

The basic premise of the film is that Alan goes away for a film festival at a ski resort in Utah, and he leaves Simon the keys to his mansion, so that Simon can come by to water his plants and check his mail while Alan’s away. Alan gives Simon express instructions not to let anyone else into the house during this time. But then Simon gets tempted to invite a few friends over, which leads to a series of events that change Simon’s life considerably.

Okay, on the surface, I know that doesn’t sound like the most exciting plot, but events play out in a very intriguing manner.

Warning, as there will be spoilers ahead.

First, in an attempt to get closer to Carrie, Simon invites her to a party at Alan’s place. Except the only other person he invites is his roommate Matt (Eric Acsell) who invites a stripper named Ring (Jacqueline Lovell) whom Matt just met the night before. At one point, as the foursome are drinking by the fireplace, Ring teaches Carrie some stripper moves, but it doesn’t go any further for Simon and Carrie that night.

Christian Malmin plays Michael, Alan’s partner at the movie studio. He’s married with three kids, and is having any affair with Tina (Monique Parent), a movie producer from a rival studio, although she is unaware of his married status. They’ve been meeting and having sex in Michael’s office for awhile, but when Tina insists that she wants to see Michael at his place, he forces Simon to let him take Tina to Alan’s place so he can pretend that it’s his. As Michael and Tina engage in a little role-playing, with her as a French maid, they accidentally break a priceless antique that Alan owns, which Simon worries will cost him his job when Alan returns.

Eventually Simon discovers that Michael is not only cheating on is wife with Tina, he’s also been secretly having an affair with Carrie, who knows that Michael is married and is even on friendly terms with Michael’s wife. But Carrie gets upset when she finds out about Michael and Tina, and plans to permanently end it with Michael. But when she confronts him, Michael sweet-talks her, and promises that he’s going to divorce his wife to be with Carrie, leading Carrie to sleep with him again. Finding out all of this about Carrie lowers Simon’s opinion of her, as he realizes that she’s not the sweet woman that he thought she was. And along the way he gains more confidence and gets some exciting news about his career. But I won’t say much more.

The film largely rests on the shoulders of its star, and Scott Carson is a more than capable leading man. He’s relate-able, and really makes you care about what happens to Simone. The rest of the cast is likewise very good, as these were the days when softcore actors were cast as much for their acting abilities as for their willingness to get naked on camera.

Speaking of nudity, this film is pretty damn explicit, even for the times. Some of the sexual acts that are simulated in this film look very realistic. So much so that if I didn’t know better I might have assumed that this was actually a censored version of an X-rated film. When some of the women get naked, we see everything. In the case of Jeannie Millar, there’s a scene where she goes bottom-less, and we get a clear shot of her clit-piercing.

Scott Carson is in three sex scenes, the aforementioned one with Jeannie Millar (although it’s just a dream-sequence), as well as scenes with Monique Parent and Maria Ford.

Maria Ford stars as Christy, an actress who is dating Alan, and so she also has a sex scene with Francis O’Leary, and one with Amber Herrel, who plays a friend of hers. That latter is one of the hottest “softcore” lesbian scenes I’ve ever viewed. Again, when Maria goes down on Amber, it looks real.

Monique Parent also has two scenes with Christian Malmin, and she was a legend even then, so you know her scenes are always hot.

Eric Acsell and Jacqueline Lovell have a sex scene in a hot-tub, and there’s another scene with Ascell’s character directs Lovell and Amanda Sanchez, who plays another stripper, as they engage in some lesbian action while he films them with a video camera. Lovell also has the aforementioned strip scene with Jeannie Millar, where Lovell strips down to just panties but Millar keeps her bra and panties on. There’s also another brief scene where Lovell is wearing a very revealing dominatrix outfit, as she dominates Ascell’s character, but unfortunately the film cuts away before we see how that session goes down.

Jeannie Millar and Christian Malmin also have a sex scene together, which is one of the best in the film.

Altogether, with the compelling characters, attractive cast, and hot sex scenes, I can easily give The Key To Sex my highest Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

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P.S. I do feel as if I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this tragedy regarding one of the cast members. Jeannie Millar was, in my opinion, the best looking woman in this film. Asian (Thai), with a gorgeous face and smokin’ hot body. She had previously been in Playboy.

Only 25 years old at the time of this film’s release, and with just a handful of acting credits behind her, I was impressed with her performance. And I believe she could have gone on to successful career in the softcore/erotic genre. Unfortunately, it looks like she was not satisfied with the state of her acting career, and she dealt with many significant personal problems, which lead to her committing suicide in 2008.

Such a shame at a wasted life. R.I.P.

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