Fast Lane To Vegas

Here’s another softcore film from the year 2000. It’s something rare in that it’s a direct sequel to a previous film, FAST LANE TO MALIBU, which was released earlier that same year. Writer Leland Zaitz returns to pen this script, this time directed by John Quinn.

Also returning are the four leads from the previous film. Steve Curtis as Brian, Stephen Harvard as Brian’s best friend Zack, Renee Rea as Brian’s fiance Monica, and Tracy Ryan as Monica’s best friend Ashley.

First, to be clear, you do not have to have seen the first film in order to understand and follow this one. I actually saw this film first, and it was easy to follow. There are some minor references to the first film, but nothing essential. For example, early in the film when Brian and Zack are approached by a hitchhiker, Zack wants to take her, but Brian hesitates, saying “remember Malibu? We ended up missing the party because of stuff like that.” So that’s referring to events in the first film, but it’s not like your need to know exactly what he’s talking about. It’s like in the first film, when Zack first brings up taking a road trip to Malibu, Brian says “the last time we took a road trip I ended up getting a tattoo that cost me $800 to get rid of.” And that’s not referring to any actual movie, you just know that it’s something that happened in the past. So, sure, if you’ve seen Malibu first, that’s good, but it’s not required.

Brian and Zack also talk about working on another book, although it’s not specified as a comic-book (or “graphic novel”) as it was in the first film, for their publisher in New York. They’ve already been paid $5000 in advance money for it. And, despite Brian’s seemingly newfound decision at the end of the first film not to rush into marriage, he and Monica are about to be married as this film begins. The marriage will be in Las Vegas, Monica and Ashley are already there, but Brian and Zack are in an RV, driving to Vegas to meet them. They’re supposed to get there that same day (the trip is estimated to take 4 hours), to make it in time for the wedding rehearsal and then the bachelor party which Zack has planned for Brian, which is to include 20 hot showgirls for entertainment.

So that’s it, it’s another road trip, in which the two men encounter several obstacles, including various colorful characters, which threaten to derail their plans and cause them to miss the festivities.

This film is much more of a comedy than the first one, with more outlandish characters and plot points. For example, while the first film had the two men getting arrested and seduced by two female police officers, this film has a the two men getting abducted and seduced by two female secret agents, who turn out to be aliens. And the aliens leave behind a device that, among other things, allows the men to temporarily become invisible.

When viewed back to back, the tonal shift from one film to the next is noticeable, and it’s kind of odd since these two films had to have been written pretty close together for them to have been filmed and released in quick succession (I don’t know exactly when this film was released, just the year 2000, but Malibu came out in September of that year, so this had to be within three months to have been released the same year). Perhaps this was a rush job? Like Playboy TV aired Malibu, and it was so successful ratings-wise that they quickly demanded a sequel, so Zaitz just got to work and wrote this as fast as he could? I don’t know, just speculating.

Anyway, as Monica and Ashley wait in Vegas, we see Ashley trying to convince Monica to live it up and get wild while she’s in Vegas, as Monica and Brian have an agreement that whatever happens before their actual marriage doesn’t count, which Brian takes a license to cheat.  Ashley thinks Monica (who was shown to have become more sexually liberated in the first film) should sow her own wild oats, while she can, but Monica hesitates.

There’s also a subplot involving Monica’s father, played by Bill Ferrante, who isn’t too happy with his daughter marrying Brian. First he hires a woman named Gina (Mia Zottoli) to follow Zack and Brian on a motorcycle to make sure they get to Vegas on time, then later sends another woman, a dominatrix named Dominique (played by Angela Nicholas), to stop Brian from marrying Monica. None of that makes much sense.

So that’s the basic plot. Along the way we’ve got another impressive set of sex scenes.

Steve Curtis has a threeway scene with Kelly Alane and Dee, who play a beauty pageant contestant and a stripper that the men pick up in a gas station and agree to give them a ride. He also has a sex scene with Tera Patrick, who plays one of the aforementioned aliens,

Kelli McCarty plays the other alien, and she has a sex scene with Stephen Harvard.

Sarah Kalla plays Heather, a woman whom, in the opening scene of the film, the men see riding alongside them in a convertible car with the top down, who strips naked and masturbates while they watch, and then goes down on the man (who is unnamed, so I don’t know who to credit) who is driving the car. Then later she has a sex scene with Stephen Harvard, who also has a sex scene with with Angela Nicholas, and one with Miyoko Fujimori aka Flower Edwards, who plays a waitress he meets in Mexico.

Mia Zottoli has a brief “wet t-shirt” scene, and then a full sex scene with Jason Schnuit, who plays the clerk at a motel that she stops at.

Tracy Ryan has a sex scene with a male waiter (also unnamed) from the hotel that her character is staying in, and then later both she and Renee Rea have a threesome scene with a male stripper (also unnamed). So at least this time Renee does actually get a sex scene (and it’s a hot one).

Sasha Peralto plays another Mexican waitress, and she has a solo shower scene.

The only other spoiler I’ll add is that the film ends with the four leads reunited and clear set for a 3rd film, as they prepare to take road trip to New York. But, sadly (?), no “Fast Lane To New York” was ever filmed. Shoot, judging by his IMDB, Stephen Harvard never acted again, after these two films.

Storywise, it’s not as clever as Malibu, and loses some points for the more outrageous comedic bits. But the cast is still great, and it has a decent set of sex scenes. This is enough for me to give this film a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS



A cheap copy of this film on DVD can be purchased on IOFFER, unfortunately it’s the R-Rated version, not the unrated version. There’s an expensive copy available on AMAZON, but I can’t tell which version it is. Needless to say, when it comes to softcore films, you always want to get the unrated versions. As I said with the first film, you can definitely find the unrated version available to download online, but since I don’t officially condone pirating, I can’t provide any links, you’ll just have to search for that yourself, if you are so inclined…

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