Fast Lane To Malibu

I’m going back to the year 2000, when this softcore film, written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Kelley Cauthen, was released. For the record, I will be revealing some spoilers here, although I’ll try not to give too much of the plot away (because you all watch these types of movies for the plot, right?).

Steve Curtis stars as Brian, a college student who is soon to go to law school, and is engaged to his girlfriend Monica, played by Renee Rea. As the film beings, Monica gives Brian a surprise “gift”, for all of his hard work in his studies, and for being such a good boyfriend. She hired a female escort (played by Regina Hall) and gives Brian a choice. Either Brian can watch while Monica and the escort have sex, or Brian can have sex with the escort while Monica watches. Those are the only options, she says she won’t “share him or be shared”, so there’s no chance of a threesome. Brian breaks the fourth wall and addresses “us,” the audience and says that he’s always wanted to see Monica with another woman (something she’s never done before, as she’s generally quite reserved sexually), but then also notes that this could be his last chance to be with another woman himself, as he plans to marry Monica, and so he decides have sex with the escort.

Bad choice.

It starts off going well, with Brian and the escort having sex on a couch in his living room, as Monica watches and masturbates on a nearby chair. But then near the end Monica gets upset and jealous, saying the Brian was clearing liking it too much. And she storms out. This leads to a series of miscommunications in which Brian is lead to believe that Monica has decided to break up with him for good. Stephen Harvard plays Brad’s roommate and best friend Zack. Unlike Brian, Zack is more of a party guy, with an uncertain future. It’s said that he’s been a “professional student” for years, and his only real plan is to create “graphic novels” (comic-books) with Brian. They already made one together, about a “dark sorcerer”, and there’s a publisher in New York who wants them to do another, but Brian decided to follow the much more stable career-path of becoming a lawyer, like his father, much to Zack’s chagrin. Anyway, Zack convinces Brian to come with him to a major party at some sorority in Malibu, which is almost 400 miles away, where there will be over 40 horny girls and only a handful of guys. So the next day, Brian and Zack head off in Zack’s jeep.

But Monica, who had tried to apologize to and make up with Brian, finds out about he and Zack’s plan, and she convinces her roommate Ashley (Tracy Ryan) to come with her as they also drive to Malibu to try to beat Brian and Zack there, and stop Brian from hooking up with any of the sorority girls.

So that’s the basic plot of the film. Along the way, the men meet several characters and come across some obstacles that threaten to derail their trip. First a potential hitchhiker ends up stealing the bag that contained their clothes, cash, and directions to the sorority. When they try to call the sorority on a pay-phone (remember, it was 2000) for directions, they have trouble getting through. Their car breaks down and they have to walk to the nearest mechanic, who needs a whole new part to fix it. They impulsively steal a car from the mechanic but then get caught and arrested. The cops end up letting them go, but they still have no car, so they hitch a ride with a trucker who says he’s also going to Malibu, only to get inside and it turns out the trucker is must have mis-heard them, as he’s actually going to Mountain View, which is in the opposite direction.

How does this get resolved? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Storywise, it’s not exactly deep, but it’s not as silly as it could be. The film is played mostly straight, with only a few comedic moments. The oddest parts is the incidents were characters break the 4th wall. Brian does it a few more times, as does Zack, and even Monica does it once. I’m not really sure the point of that. There are some decent subplots, one is Monica’s need to break out of her shell and become more adventurous, which Ashley encourages. Also, while Ashley and Zack are both initially portrayed as the sexually open free-spirits, they hook up early in the film with the agreement that it’s just physical, but then it’s clear that both of them would be interested in seeing each again on a more serious basis, but neither wants to admit it. Plus there’s the underlying conflict between Zack and Brian, as Zack accuses Brian of just playing it safe with his life, and only going to law school because that’s what Brian’s father wants, not because it’s what Brian really wants. And the four leads in the cast are all decent actors, who play their parts well. But I will say that the actual end of the film is kind of confusing, and ultimately pointless. It’s like it tries to be clever, but just doesn’t quite work, in my opinion.

But the film is really saved by the sex scenes. So let’s get to that.

As noted, there’s the opening scene with Steve Curtis and Regina Hall. Steve Curtis also has a sex scene with Stephany Schwartz (it’s a dream sequence), who plays the unnamed hitchhiker that I mentioned before.

Strangely, Steve Curtis and Renee Rea never have a sex scene together. The film opens with Renee in the shower by herself, as the opening credits roll, and then Steve as Brian comes home, gets undress and briefly joins her in the shower, but she quickly kicks him out, as she wants to get ready for his “surprise.” And there’s a scene later where Renee and Tracy both join a wet t-shirt (and panties) contest in a bar, alongside several other uncredited women, so she’s clearly fine with nudity, but there’s no sex scene. That’s a little odd.

Tracy Ryan has a sex scene with Stephen Harvard, who later has a sex scene with Susan Featherly, who plays the girlfriend of the mechanic that Zack and Brian go to when their jeep breaks down. He later has a scene where he makes out with a woman (played by Elizabeth Sneider), whom he meets in a bar. During which she gets topless, revealing her breasts. But then she pulls up her skirt, revealing a very realistic-looking penis (this is Snieder’s only acting credit on IMBD, so I don’t know if she was an actual transwoman or this was just special effects), leading Zack to freak out and run out of the bar.

Steve Curtis and Stephen Harvard participate in a scene where Brian and Zack are seduced by the two cops who arrested them, played by Nikki Fritz and Kira Reed Lorsch (Curtis is with Fritz and Harvard with Lorsch).

Jason Schnuit plays a pizza delivery man, who we see arrive at the sorority, and is immediately seduced by one of the sorority members, played by Devinn Lane.

There’s also a scene featuring an unnamed woman, who isn’t in the credits, who is shown getting naked and masturbating in a private room.

All of the sex scenes are pretty hot, so it’s well worth watching. And with the different twists in the story to keep you engaged, I can definitely recommend this film. Chacebook rating 4 1/2 STARS

Unfortunately this DVD is long out of print. There’s one expensive copy on Amazon, but I can’t tell if it’s the unrated version (which is what you always want to get, when buying a softcore film). So buy at your own risk.

There are other ways to view the film, but as I don’t officially condone piracy, I can’t provide any direct links. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find it. . .

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  1. Here’s what you’re missing not having the DVD: when Cutis breaks the fourth wall in the movie he’s asking the viewer to make the choice for him. In the DVD, you get to choose whether it’s Curtis or Rea that has sex with Regina Hall, and then your choice plays out. It’s a choose your own adventure interactive movie–the plot doesn’t change at all. She still gets mad that he was enjoying it too much.

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  2. If you think about it, then this movie had what I would call protagonist duos. (2 duos 2 genders)

    And a sideeffect that resulted in sex with 2 cops.
    P.S. It was intense sex my preference is for Kira

    Anyway as the format of the movie is shown both in and out of the film; it’s about choices.
    Figuratively from roles and Literally in the DVD

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  3. The pauses they do to give us their thoughts in the situations they’re in is pretty much their internal dialog coming to live in my perspective

    The 4 Way Sex Scene with 2 Male-Female Pairs is rare in softcover. Both women got into it.
    Kira felt all the sex scene. Nikki dominated too.

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