Allyson Is Watching

Written by David Keith Miller and directed by Bob Kubilos, this 1997 film stars Jennifer Harris (under the name Jennifer Leigh Hammon) as Allyson Roper/Sands, a young woman from a small town who moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a famous actress. Caroline Ambrose costars as Bridget, who lives in the next-door apartment in the building that Allyson moves into in L.A. It turns out that Bridget is a prostitute who primarily “works” in her apartment, and the walls of the building are very thin, so Allyson discovers that she can hear everything whenever Bridget is with a client. There’s also a sealed door that connects the two apartments, and Allyson is often able to look through the keyhole to watch Bridget in her room.

Eventually, Allyson makes a point to become friendly with Bridget, because Allyson is practicing to audition for a film role in which she would play a prostitute, and so she wants to learn more about the lifestyle from Bridget. The two women slowly draw closer to each other, and then the movie takes a rather dramatic turn into “thriller” territory in the last 20 minutes before it races to a suspenseful conclusion.

The cast is rounded out with Sean Thibodeau (no x at the end of his last name, and no relation to me) as Allyson’s hometown boyfriend Peter, whom we see in the beginning when the two of them have sex in the back of a pickup truck before Allyson heads off to L.A., James Horan as Eric Constantine, the famous acting coach whose school Allyson specifically came to L.A. to attend, and who ends up seeing more talent in her than she sees in herself, and pushes her to not give up, David Andriole as another acting student in Eric’s class, and Jack DeLeon (under the name Christopher Weeks) in what was his last acting role (he died 9 years later) as Allyson and Bridget’s landlord, Mr. Merry.

Harris, who soon after this film would go on to star in the General Hospital spin-off soap opera Port Charles, shows a lot of promise as the leading lady in this film. She’s a capable actress, who portrays Allyson’s naivety and innocence very well. That is of course in addition to her beauty and willingness to get naked on screen. Likewise, I also enjoyed Ambrose’s performance as Bridget, although her character is somewhat short-changed in my opinion. We don’t get to know that much about her, as her character is mainly there to move Allyson’s story forward.

But the highlight of the film is the smoking hot extended sex scene between those two ladies. Seriously, that scene alone makes this movie worth watching. I can’t say too much about this or the other sex scenes or what leads up to them without spoiling some of the plot. I’ll just say that in addition to this scene, and the aforementioned opening scene with Thibodeau, Jennifer Harris also has a sex scene with James Horan, which is also one of the better ones of this film. And Caroline Ambrose has 4 other sex scenes with different men, who’s characters are all unnamed in the film and who aren’t listed in the credits, so I can’t name them here. I’ll just note that one of them is Black, which was impressive as interracial sex scenes were always a bit of a rarity in softcore films.

Also, one of those sex scenes takes place in a secluded area in a Blues bar, while singer Barbara Morrison performs, which is pretty good.

The film would get a higher rating from me if it weren’t for the ending, which both comes out of nowhere and is a bit obvious. Nevertheless, Allyson Is Watching is a sexy softcore submission, that YOU should watch. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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