Strip Club Slayer

This 2016 film is written by Denise Monroe and directed by Alan Kramer. At first glance, I thought this was an edited hardcore XXX film, as the majority of the stars are mainly XXX performers, plus Beverly Lynne who does both hardcore and softcore. But then I saw that it also stars Andy Espinoza Long, who only does softcore, so I knew this was a pure softcore film.

The story takes place in L.A., and revolves around a secret unlicensed strip club that caters to wealthy men. Paul Case plays Niko, the owner of the club, and Dana Dearmond, Beverly Lynne, and Amber Rayne play Shay, Cat, and Georgina, who are the three strippers (and apparently only three) who work at the club. Maddy O’Reilly plays April, a good friend of Shay’s who works as the club’s accountant, and Andy Long plays her boyfriend Matt.

The plot of the movie is that one night a regular customer (played by Chad White) gets hit on the head and killed in the club. This happens right after he’d just finished having sex Cat in the backroom. Nobody saw it happen, and it’s Shay who discovers his body at the end of the night as they’re closing. Although Cat initially insists that they should call the police, Niko argues against it due to the fact that the club is illegal and they all could go to jail for working there. So Georgina agrees to help Niko get rid of the body and they all agree not to tell anyone about what happened. But the ladies are scared and insist that Niko hire a bouncer for the club, and that ends up being Michael Foster, who plays Mac.

And that’s pretty much it. Everyone gets back to work. Despite the title, where you may be expecting an erotic thriller with several murders and attempted murders and rush to figure out who is the killer before they kill again, this film really doesn’t spend much time concerned with that opening murder. The characters even entirely certain that it was a murder or if the man accidentally fell and bumped his head and died (we, the audience, saw him get hit,  so we know it was definitely a murder). Instead, the film just mostly deals with the personal lives of the strippers. Shay is dating Niko, although he’s cheating on her with Georgina. Everyone is interested in Mac when he starts working at the club. The characters of April and Matt don’t really seem to have any reason to be in the film. They could have at least have April be another one of the strippers at the club. Seth Gamble randomly shows up later in the film, playing an ex-boyfriend of Shay’s, who is still interested in her. But even their encounter doesn’t have anything to do with the plot either.

Without many spoilers, I’ll just the murder is resolved in the end, but it almost feels like an afterthought, like the filmmakers were getting to the end of the movie and suddenly realized that they forgot to resolve the plot, so they just threw something in. The cast does the best job with what they’re given (Dearmond and Lynne are the standouts, acting-wise), but they’re not given much. Strictly based on the story I’d give this film a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS

However, the film is redeemed a bit by the quality of the sex scenes. The fact that all the ladies have experience in XXX films definitely comes into play here, as all of their sex scenes look hot and realistic.

Dana Dearmond has 3 scenes, 1 with Paul Case, 1 with Seth Gamble, and 1 with Michael Foster.

Beverly Lynne has 2 scenes, 1 with Chad White and 1 with Paul Case.

Amber Rayne has 1 scene with Paul Case.

And Maddy O’Reilly and Andy Long have two scenes together.

Plus, Dearmond, Lynne, and Rayne each get some scenes where they perform strip-teases on stage, which also good to watch.

So for the quality of the sex scenes, I’d give this a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS.

Basically, this is a film worth watching, but only to fast-forward to get to each of the sex scenes.



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  1. Thanks for the great review, Chace. I’m always glad when you review softcore films, because you might find a film that I would have missed. This is definitely on my to-watch list now. I’ll watch anything with Beverly Lynne 🙂

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