Deviant Obsession

Written by Thomas K. Nash and directed by Eric Gibson, this 2002 film stars adult film star Elizabeth X (using the name Brick Randall) as Joan Alton, a divorce attorney. She’s been having an affair with Mike, a married attorney for a rival firm who is played by John McCafferty. One night Mike’s wife Evelyn reveals that she knows about Mike’s affair, showing him pictures she has of him and Joan together, and kicks him out of their house. Mike goes to a strip club, where he’s hit on by a mysterious woman who insists that they don’t tell each other their names. They go to a motel and have sex, and the next morning when Mike wakes up, she’s gone. When Mike goes back to his house to pick up some of his stuff, he’s met by the police, who tell him that Evelyn was killed the night before.

The police end up arresting Mike for the crime, and his only hope is providing a credible alibi, but he doesn’t know who the woman he spent the night with was, and he can’t find any witnesses who saw them together. Jason Schnuit plays Kevin, a bartender at the strip club, and Angelica Costello (aka adult film star Venus) plays a stripper at the club. They both claim they don’t remember seeing Mike at the club with anyone, and neither does the desk clerk at the motel. Joan is convinced that Mike was intentionally set up and framed by someone, who must have not only hired the mysterious woman but also bribed the witnesses to lie about seeing them. So, Joan does the only natural thing, she goes undercover as a stripper to work at the strip club, to try to find out who’s behind this. Everett Rodd plays Ted, Mike’s law partner, who thinks this is too dangerous for Joan but agrees to help her.

So there’s the plot, I won’t spoil the ending, there’s a supposed twist when the truth is revealed, but once you think about it you realize that it was actually pretty obvious and that these experienced lawyers should have been able to figure it out from the start.  There’s also some illogical plot points, like how Ted is handling Mike’s defense for his trial, although he and Mike were apparently divorce lawyers. Shouldn’t they hire a criminal defense lawyer for that? Speaking of which, the justice system seems to work really fast in this world, as Mike is arrested and then they’re talking about having a week before opening arguments in his trial start.

Brick Randall carries most of the film and she’s okay. I mean there was definitely room for improvement, some of her scenes were fine, other times she delivered dialog as if she was reading from a cue-card. She had potential, though. According to her IMDB page this was only her second (and to date, last) softcore role, other than that she primarily appeared in hardcore features which, I guess, didn’t require much “dramatic acting.”

There are six full sex scenes. Brick Randall has three, one with McCafferty, one with Rodd, and one with David Usher, who plays the unnamed desk clerk at the motel (seriously, they never say he’s character’s name in the film, and he’s just listed as “Desk Clerk” in the credits).  McCafferty also has a scene with Lauren Montgomery, who plays the mysterious woman that he meets at the club. Jason Schnuit and Angelica Costello have a scene together. And Johnny Kay, who plays a cheating husband that Mike and Ted are representing in a divorce, has a sex scene with Goldie Blair, who plays a woman he got caught cheating with.  Everyone is attractive, and all of these scenes are hot.

Also included is a pretty erotic scene where Angelica gives Brick a lapdance, a scene of Brick performing a striptease on stage, and also Angelica Sin plays another stripper who performs on stage.

It is the sex scenes that save the movie and make it worth watching, despite the weak plot and average acting. Although I still have to remove a point because the film also includes the legendary Gabriella Hall as Mike’s wife, but she doesn’t have a sex scene or even get nude or topless! Talk about a wasted opportunity!

The film also includes Jesse Coleman as the homicide detective who’s investigating Mike’s case.

So, I’d recommend watching this film, but only to fast-forward to the sex scenes. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS


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