Here is an old school softcore film that has long been a favorite of mine. When it was suggested to me for a review I had to double-check to make sure I hadn’t already reviewed it here and was slightly surprised to find that I haven’t. So here we go.

Written by Raven Touchstone and directed by Paul Thomas, two veterans of the adult film industry, this 1995 film from Playboy revolves around Nick (Michael Jay) and his father Alex (Moe Justini). 2 years earlier, Alex’s wife, Nick’s mom, died of a prescription medication overdose. Whether it was accidental or a suicide is not quite clear, it is mentioned that she suffered from a chemical imbalance and depression, but Nick blamed Alex and the two haven’t been in contact since. Sometime not too long after that, Nick started dating a woman named Johanna, played by Carrie Westcott. As the film begins Carrie wants to take a break from her relationship with Nick, feeling that he’s gotten too clingy, or something. It’s not exactly clear. But he’s more serious about her than she is. So Nick agrees to back off.

Meanwhile, Alex is an architect, working with his brother Charlie (Craig Stepp). Alex has been single since his wife died, and Charlie and his girlfriend Rita (Sara Suzanne Brown) try to set him up with Rita’s friend Billie (Fawna MacLaren), and even though Billie is immediately totally into Alex he rejects her. But Billie doesn’t want to give up pursuing him.

Then, by random coincidence, Alex meets Johanna one night and they quickly have a one night stand, before Alex even knows her name. The next morning Johanna freaks out and leaves the next day without saying goodbye. Soon she changes her mind and tracks him down again and they hook up a couple of more times. When Johanna reveals that she has a boyfriend whom she’ll now have to officially leave, Alex is blase about the pain she’d be causing this guy, which makes her upset. Then Nick and Alex reconcile and so Nick goes back to Johanna and begs her to give him another chance and to come have dinner with his father and uncle. Johanna agrees and, of course, both she and Alex are shocked when they recognize each other. And that’s when things get crazy.

So, I’ll admit, watching this again in full (as opposed to just watching the sex scenes) for the first time in many years, I don’t find this to be quite as good I remembered it. There’s some plot holes and things that just aren’t so clear. Like, initially it’s not clear why Johanna wants to break off from Nick. He seems fine at first. But then later in the film he gets all nuts and threatens to kill himself if Johanna won’t give him a chance. I’ll note that the title of this film comes from a particular mountaintop out in the woods, where suicidal lovers have been known to jump to their deaths in suicide pacts, thus it’s nicknamed “lover’s leap.” Johanna is doing some kind of research on the place because she works for an author who writes “lesbian romance novels” and is planning to write one that takes place on the mountain, I think.

It’s also not clear why Alex rejects Billie. It initially seems to be because, as he says, he’s just not ready to get involved with any woman yet after the death of his wife, but then he soon hooks up with Johanna. Sure, she’s hot and younger, but Billie is smokin’ hot too, and literally throws herself at him, as in she strips naked and get on her knees in front of him but he just leaves. And then it’s really not clear why, after the first rejection, Billie suddenly becomes obsessed with Alex and just won’t give up on him. At one point even stealing a picture of him and then masturbating in the bathtub to it (while wearing her sunglasses, for some reason). There’s also a little subplot where she meets Nick and asks him out, presumably to make Alex jealous, and they go to a movie and then back to her place and start making out but then after she gets naked Nick rejects her too because he’s still in love with Johanna. This just makes Billie even more obsessed with Alex, but I don’t see the point of even teasing the idea of her and Nick hooking up if they weren’t going to through with it. And then the ending just sort of happens, it doesn’t really feel like a proper ending. It’s just like, alright, we’re done now.

The thing that still saves this film, and makes it worth watching, is Carrie Westcott.








































This busty blonde beauty had appeared in Playboy Magazine two years earlier, as the September 1993 Playmate of The Month. And then she appeared in several Playboy video specials along with other playmates and models, including Playboy Real Couples I: Sex in Dangerous Places in which she and SHAE MARKS acted out an intense lesbian love scene…

But I digress.

This film was her first real acting role, and I have to say that she did a fantastic job, especially considering the rest of the cast that were more experienced than her. But she didn’t seem like a newbie at all.

And that’s not just in the sex scenes and looking good naked, she is required to show emotion several times in the film, and she pull it off very well. Based on her performance here, I think she could have had a successful career as an actress, at least in softcore and B-movies.



But, sadly, it appears that she didn’t choose to pursue that path much after this film. She mostly continued appearing in various Playboy Home videos and did more modeling. From her acting resume, I see she later appeared in an episode of the softcore TV series EROTIC CONFESSIONS which I remember, and the Andy Sidaris film L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach But that was it. Her last acting or modeling credits were in 1999. The only web presence I could find was LinkedIn, where she appears to be working in the addiction/mental health field now, and a profile on some online storefront called Fancy. But you can check out some of her old NSFW photos HERE

Oh, I’ve gotten off-track, haven’t I? Back to Lover’s Leap!

Another downside of this film is that there are only really four actual sex scenes. Three of them involve Carrie Westcott. She has one with Jay, in the beginning of the film, which is very hot, and then two with Justini, the first one of which is a little odd because Justini keeps his clothes on during the sex, but she gets totally naked. There’s also a third scene between Carrie and Justini where they make out and she strips naked (while he, again, keeps his clothes on) but the scene fades to black before they have sex.  There’s also a sex scene between Craig Stepp and Sara Suzanne Brown.

There’s the aforementioned bathtub masturbation scene with Fawna MacLaren, and two scenes where she strips nude, which is hot to see, but it would have nice to give her an actual sex scene. She did a decent acting job in her small role as well, although it looks like this was her last acting role.

So with some tightening up of the script, and few extra sex scenes, this film could have been much better. As such, it’s just average. Great cast and beautifully shot, but still lacking.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS


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