The Escort

Back in 2018 I reviewed THE ESCORT 3, a film which was mostly a collection of scenes from other films stitched together to make a “new” film. I noted at the time that, like many softcore “sequels” it likely had no real connection to the previous two films under this title, other than the subject matter. Well, today I’m going to finally review this first film. This will contain some story spoilers, but we all know y’all don’t watch these films for the stories anyway.

Written by Sean O’Bannon (who also has a small role in the film) and directed by Gary Graver, this 1997 film stars softcore legend Shauna O’Brien, whom I’ve also enjoyed watching in softcore films and TV shows, especially at this stage in her career which was before she got her horrible breast implants. Shauna stars as Suzanne Lane a professional escort. The film opens with her having sex with a client (I didn’t catch the character’s name, so I don’t know who the actor is). Afterward they talk about it, and he says she’s the first escort he’s ever hired, and she says he’s the first client she’s ever slept with. Whether that’s true or not is unclear.

Landon Hall, another great softcore actress, and Scott Coppola star as a married couple, Debra and Shane Gray. They have a nice big house and have decided to take in a border for some extra money. While Shane is away on business, Debra meets with and interviews Suzanne, and despite Suzanne flat out admitting to being an escort (but claiming she doesn’t have sex with her clients), Debra thinks she’s a good prospect and agrees to let her move in. Because what married woman wouldn’t want a young single and attractive professional escort living with her and husband?

Back at her old place, we see Suzanne getting packed. There’s some man there named Allen (Tom Case), who has some kind of relationship with her, trying to convince her not to go. It becomes clear that Suzanne has specifically targetted the Grays for some ulterior motive. Allen is trying to talk her out of doing whatever she has planned. But Suzanne insists that it’s “fate,” talking about what a coincidence it is that the Gray’s just so happened to have been advertising for a boarder at that particular time, which is just what she needs to get close to them.

Note to screenwriters: Having a character in your script point out an obvious plot contrivance doesn’t make the plot contrivance any less obvious.

Anyway, after a goodbye bang in the shower, Suzanne kills Allen and leaves to go move in with Debra and Shane.

Debra is a literary agent and partner in her own firm. Gregory O’Rourke plays one of her partners, Griffen, and Shayna Ryan plays their secretary Lianne. The two of them banging but it’s not really relevant to the story, it’s just an excuse for a sex scene. They both think it’s weird that Debra would just let some strange woman move into her home, and Griffen convinces Debra to let Lianne call her ex-boyfriend, Rick (O’Bannon), who happens to be a Private Investigator to get him to look into Suzanne’s background, just to be extra careful.

The night Shane comes back home, just as he and Debra are preparing to “celebrate” in the hot tub, Debra gets a call from Lianne at the office. She’s gotten some important information about Suzanne mailed to her from Rick, and insists that Debra needs to see it immediately, and she doesn’t want to tell her over the phone. Of course, Suzanne happened to be listening on the other line, so he manages to sneak out and make it to Debra’s office first and kills Lianne, and then she calls the police and leaves an anonymous tip about a murder. Then Debra shows up and sees Lianna’s dead body on the floor right as the police come in and they arrest her.

Back at home, Suzanne finds Shane in the hot tub and slips a blindfold on him and then gets in and they have sex, with him keeping the blindfold all the time and thinking it’s Debra that he’s having sex. Which, yes, makes what this rape, as Shane is only consenting to sex with Debra, not Suzanne. It’s rape, just like when Lewis tricked Betty into having sex with him, thinking he was her boyfriend Stan, in Revenge of The Nerds.

It’s during this sex that Debra is at the police station trying to call Shane to come get her, but he’s distracted. The cops seem immediately convinced that Debra killed Lianne, despite any lack of evidence or motive. They convince Debra to let them search her house, where they find a letter Suzanne planted that makes it look like Debra and Allen were having an affair. So now they got her as a suspect for two murders.

And that’s where I’ll end this recap. Don’t want to spoil the ending except to say that, when we finally do learn Suzanne’s motivation for doing all of this to Debra, it’s weak as Hell. And the ending, which is supposed to be dramatic and tense just felt flat.  Overall the plot just doesn’t come to together like I felt it was trying to.

The only saving grace of this film are, of course, the sex scenes. There are six of them, all b/g, four involving Shauna, the opening scene with the stranger, the shower scene with Tom Case, the hot tub scene with Scott Coppola, and a scene with another man who is a client of her, but he’s not identified in the credits. Landon Hall and Coppola also have a scene together, and there’s on between Shayna Ryan and Gregory O’Rourke. They’re all hot scenes, but you’ll pretty much need to fast-forward through the film just to watch those scenes.

Great cast, and a well-shot film, but not one of the best of the genre. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS


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