NORAH’S SAGA season 1, episode 2

Picking up right from where the first issue left off, Norah is now magically transported centuries into the past when the part of the continent of North America where Canada currently exists was part of what was known as Vinland by the Vikings who’d settled it. He captors initially assume that she’s a witch and she is marked for death, but through some quick thinking actions Norah proves her worth to them. The resourceful teen tries to make sense of what’s going on, and is determined to find her way back to her own time to reunite with her father. She’s taken to old First Nation medicine woman, who tells Norah of a previous visitor from our time who likewise fell into the lake and emerged in Vinland and his failed attempts at returning home. Norah is told of a possible way to return to home, but it involves a dangerous trek across the sea. Determined to embark on the mission, two volunteers from the Viking clan agree to accompany her, but in addition to being dangerous they are also running out of time.

This is a very good follow-up issue. Lots of action and dramatic tension, as writer Blake Northcott excels at providing. And I particularly love Norah’s plan for how she is going to accomplish her goal. I don’t want to say too much here for fear of spoilers, but I’ll say it involves her smartphone, which is one of the objects that had her initially branded as a witch by the Vikings. And once again Kelsey Shannon provides that artwork, which is nice to look at.  Norah’s Saga #2 is an exciting book that I highly recommend.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Look for this book at your local Walmart, or order digitally from Allegiance Arts.

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