Perfectly Legal

Written by Emily Ervolina and directed by Lane Shefter Bishop, this 2002 softcore film stars Lauren Hays, one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses. Hays plays Taylor Price, a “successful” divorce attorney. I put that word in quotes because despite the fact that we’re told how good she is, she’s profiled in a magazine cover story for her work, and we see that she even loses a relationship because she’s such a workaholic, it’s also established early on that’s she’s broke. She’s got overdue rent at her office (she has her own private practice) and has large student loans from her law school. This is a relatively minor subplot of the film.

The main story is that Taylor gets hired by a new client, a woman named Veronica (played by Allison Thomas-Miller) who is getting divorced from her husband Randall (Tom Montreal). Randall has recently become a famous author, writing a successful book about sex, which Veronica claims that she actually wrote and that Randall stole from her. So Taylor is trying to find a way to prove that Randall stole the book and this somehow involves a jury trial, which I don’t think usually happens in divorce court, but that’s not important. Rafe Urquhart plays David Wentworth, Randall’s attorney. Taylor and David had bumped into each other earlier, soon after she’d just ended her relationship and caught her ex-boyfriend with another woman, and sparks flew, but she didn’t know who he was at the time. Despite becoming rivals in the court, David continues to romantically pursue Taylor, while she hesitates.

And so that’s the basic premise of the film, the romantic tension between Taylor and David as they face each other in and out of the courtroom. It’s a decent storyline, one that keeps the film moving forward. It’s a full-length feature, about an hour and forty minutes long, and with a few tweaks could have been a mainstream movie. As I said, Lauren Hays is one of my favorites, she’s a great actress in her own right and easily carries the film, and the chemistry between her and Urquhart is palpable.

Rounding out the cast is Tony Menke as Taylor’s paralegal assistant Ben, Beverly Lynn as David’s paralegal assistant Marci, Monique Parent as Randall’s publisher Sharon, Edward Johnson as Taylor’s boyfriend Tom, Brad Bartram as George, another divorce attorney that Taylor faces in court, and Belinda Gavin as Val, a waitress and bartender at a popular local restaurant that Taylor likes to frequent.

The film gives us 7 sex scenes plus 1 solo female masturbation scene. Lauren Hays is in the solo scene, plus she has b/g scenes with both Johnson and Urquhart. The other pairings are Belinda Gavin and Brad Bartram, Beverly Lynn and Tom Menke, Allison Thomas-Miller and Tom Montreal, Tom Montreal and Stephanie Swift (who plays a reporter who interviews Randall) and Edward Johnson and Andrea Saint James (who plays a model that Johnson’s character, who is a photographer, works with).

I would have liked at least one or two more sex scenes, it seemed almost a waste to have Monique Parent (who does a good job in her role) in the film without giving her a sex scene, but overall this was a satisfying film worth watching.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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