SIN CITY DIARIES episode 4: It Almost Didn’t Happen One Night


Written by Sandy Travis and directed by John Quinn, this episode stars Jordan Miller as Angelica’s cousin Sean. Angelica (Amber Smith) is going camping for a weekend, and she lets Sean, who is a college student on Spring Break, and some of his friends stay in her Penthouse apartment while she’s away. Sean’s friends, guys and gals, are all interesting in drinking and hooking up, as college students tend to do, except for one girl named Darla, who is played by Mary LeGault. She’s the “nerd” of the group who is trying to study for some big test she has that Monday while everyone else is partying. It really makes no sense why she even came along then. Nevertheless, Darla is the girl that Sean is interested in.

At the end of the first wild night, while everyone has split into couples and gone off to the various bedrooms to have sex, Darla and Sean go out to a club to drink. Sean ends up spending a ton of money on champagne, only to then find out that even though she’s a Senior in college Darla is only 18, so they get kicked out of the club. But then to earn Sean’s money back, Darla offers to go to a strip club, where she joins an “amateur night” contest and wins. That’s weird, as it comes out of nowhere. Anyway, the two of them hook up, and then the next day Angelica calls and say she’s coming home early because she hates camping, so everyone has to rush to clean up the Penthouse before she gets back. THE END.

First, this is a hard episode to credit the actors in, because outside of Sean and Darla no one refers to anyone by name, so I don’t know who is who. In the credits, the male actors are Grant Zabielski as Jason, Vernon Jenkins as Dave, Todd Tetreault as Rick, and Brian Aanstead as Mark. Three of those guys are Sean’s friends, and one is the man that we see Angelica camping with. The other ladies in the episode are Shawn Hektor as Liz, Michelle Honey as Amy and Casey Parker as Katie.

Jordan Miller and Mary LeGault have two full sex scenes together, plus there’s the scene of LeGault stripping on stage. There is another extended scene where Shawn, Michelle, and Casey are each having sex with one of the men (again, since I don’t know the character names I can’t match up the couples), but the problem is the camera keeps cutting back and forth between each couple, so I can’t focus on any one of them. For these reasons, and the illogical story arc, I don’t consider this one of the better episodes of the series, and can only give it a Chacebook rating of THREE STARS


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