STATIC season 1 #2

Picking up right from the previous issue’s cliffhanger, Virgil is in the middle of superpower battle against his former bully, Francis, now calling himself Hotstreak. Using his intelligence, Virgil figures out a way to temporarily neutralize Hotstreak’s powers, but not before Hotstreak set Virgil’s house on fire. This allows Hotstreak to escape, as Virgil has to turn his attention towards saving his home and keeping his family safe. All of this naturally draws the attention of his neighbors, who now all know that Virgil has super powers.

Most of the rest of the issues involves Virgil and his family trying to figure out what their next steps are to keep Virgil safe and their home protected. Back at school Virgil is confronted by fellow student Darius, the kid we saw in the Milestone Returns special issue, who runs an internet podcast and has been covering the Big Bang and the rise of Bang Babies, and who knows about Virgil’s powers and wants him to help him expose what’s going on. Virgil wants no parts of this, and skips school to think by himself. He contacts Curtis Metcalf who, despite currently being a wanted man, Virgil still believes in and asks for help. Curtis gives Virgil the location of one of his secret labs and tells him he may find some sutff in that could prove useful. But when Virgil gets there the police show, thinking Curtis is in there, and they surround the building and demand that he comes out.

So another dramatic cliffhanger, writing Vita Ayala is proving to be good at writing those. She’s always excellent with her characterization of Virgil and his family. In the original seires he kept his powers secret from him so they weren’t really involved in this part of this life. But now they are all involved, and I like to see this portrayal of a loving Black family in a comic-book.

There are a few other significant plots raised here, we see Virgil’s fellow student, a girl named Daisy (who in the previous continuity was the girl he lost his virginity to) has also developed some kind of superpowers that she can’t control and she goes to Darius for help. Darius also meets with another Bang Baby who tells him about attending a rally of Bang Babies lead by Holocaust, but the police showed up and started arrested them. Holocaust disappeared but Hotstreak who was there was one of those arrested. So lots of exciting developments going on, and all wonderfully illustrated by the art team of Nikolas Draper-Ivey and homophobe Chris Cross.


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