Released in 2012, this is a miniseries from Zenescope Entertainment. Written by Raven Gregory this story has a premise that I’m sure every heterosexual man has imagined at one time or another: what if you found yourself sexually irresistible to every woman on the planet?

Well our lead character, Allen Kleeg, finds out. Allen is an average (maybe a little below average) guy who, when this story begins, is still depressed over the breakup of his last relationship. His ex-girlfriend Leigh dumped him a year and a half earlier and has already moved on with a new man, but Allen just can’t get over her. A couple of his friends take him to a strip club one night to try to cheer him up, but even that doesn’t work. While walking home from the club, he happens across an assault in progress, three men are attacking a frail old woman in an alley. Allen attempts to stop them, but all he does is get his ass kicked. Nevertheless, when the punks leave, and Allen regains consciousness, the old woman thanks him, asking if she could do anything for him in return what would it be? Allen off-handily asks if she could make him irresistible to all women.

And that’s what shit gets nuts.

Through supernatural means, which I will not spoil here, this woman grants Allen’s wish. The effect is slow at first, as Allen soon finds himself being propositioned by women everywhere he goes. The barista at the coffee shop, a couple of waitresses at a diner, women in the grocery store are slipping him their number, etc. Initially, Allen just thinks his luck has changed, as he takes advantage of the situation, getting laid left and right. Eventually, he realizes that there’s something unusual going on, as the attention from women increases. And then Allen’s luck takes a darker turn.

One woman whom he had a one-night stand with sneaks into his apartment to cook him dinner, and when he tries to kick her out she starts cutting herself with a knife, saying she’d rather be dead than live without him. Another woman starts following him and attacking him when she sees him talking to other women. As the days go on, it gets worse. Soon he can’t go outside without women throwing themselves at him. Many get violent with him and with others. Riots start breaking out as groups of women begin fighting each other in the street over him. The husband of a woman he slept with comes after him with a gun. The ultimate male fantasy has turned into Allen’s ultimate living nightmare.

And that’s just by the end of the second issue.

I won’t spoil the rest of the story but Raven Gregory has written a thrilling and suspenseful tale that takes the prurient premise and tosses it on its head like a classic Twilight Zone episode that explores the fine lines between love, lust, and obsession as it warns the reader to be careful what you wish for. At just four issues, the story doesn’t drag in any parts, and it flows well from beginning to end.

Now while I have no complaints about the story, I wish I could say the same about the art.

Derlis Santacruz draws issues 1, 2, and 4, with Amin Amant stepping in to draw #3. They’re both fine artists, but neither of them really stand out here. One thing Zenescrope is especially known for is its sexy artwork, and for the subject matter of this series, it’s strangely lacking in the cheesecake factor. The art is what’s keeping me from giving this series a perfect rating, but I can still highly recommend Irresistible with a Chacebook rating of: FOUR STARS


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