Keisha Carter Is Mega Woman #2


Creator/Writer Tyler Martin starts this issue by filling in some more of Mega Woman‘s background, leaning more heavily into the Greek Myths. Not only is Keisha Zeus’ daughter, but she’s also prophesized to succeed her father one day, taking the throne of Olympus herself.

In a flashback, we learn that Zeus’ wife Hera attempted to usurp his throne but was defeated and banished from Olympus, but she hasn’t given up. She meets with the three Sisters of Fate, trying to find the location of the fabled “last child of Zeus” but they won’t reveal it to her, but she vows not to give up until she’s killed Keisha, her mother, and Zeus.

I’ll note at this point that Hera was clearly “Helena”, the top advisor to the President of The United States, who convinced him to bomb the building Mega Woman and Captain X were in at the conclusion of the first issue.

Then the issue flashes forward to the present day, right after the previous issue. Keisha has survived the bombing, but she’s been hurt. Captain X is incapacitated, but it’s unclear if he’s dead, but Keisha ignores his body as she searches for the rubble for Leon. Through her running inner monologue, we learn of her anger at the distrust that she’s faced since going public as Mega Woman, even after all the good she’s done. In fact, we learn that she’s always had a temper, a rage that burns inside of her which she’s always struggled to contain. Since becoming aware of her true heritage she’s come to realize that this temper is inherited from Zeus, it’s “the wrath of the Gods,” and she doesn’t want to give in, but she knows if anything has happened to Leon, she may lose control.

Luckily Leon has survived, but he’s badly injured. Keisha has him taken to the hospital, then flies off. Meanwhile “Helena” has arranged for another supervillain to be broken out of the high-tech prison Captain X escaped from. A woman named Tundra, with ice powers (think DC’s Killer Frost) slaughters a bunch of prison guards and prepares to make her way to Atlanta to take on Mega Woman.

Not as much action as the first issue, but it’s made up for with a greater emphasis on drama and characterization. There’s still much to learn of Keisha’s background, particularly how she came to find out about Zeus, and how that affected her family, especially her relationship with Leon, whom she obviously still cares about.

Rafael Gumboc takes over the art duties for this issue, and I have to say it is a huge improvement of the art for issue #1. He does a fantastic job, I love his style.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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