Keisha Carter Is Mega Woman #1

This is the first issue of a brand new Black female superhero named Mega Woman, from the indie publisher Godhood Comics.  Written by creator Tyler Martin, and drawn by Cyrus Mesarcia, this issue has 23 jam-packed pages of superhero action and tension-filled drama. The books wastes no time getting started, opening in the middle of a supervillain hostage situation in downtown Atlanta.

Through a mix of captions and dialog we get filled in on the backstory, learning that two years ago a Black woman named Keisha Carter learned that she’s actually the half-human son of the Greek God Zeus, making her a demigoddess, and this is when her super powers kicked in. She decided to use those powers to become a superhero called Mega Woman and has been fighting other superhumans, called “Superiors” in this universe, who use their powers for evil. But her career has not be easy as she’s developed a reputation for being somewhat reckless with her powers, causing property damage which has resulted in her being untrusted among many of the populace.

A big Hulk-like villain Captain X has escaped from the super-prison that he was sent to after Mega Woman previously defeated him and has taken a bank hostage for the express purpose of drawing her out so he can get his revenge. Now Mega Woman has to try to stop him and get the hostages to safety. Meanwhile outside the local police have the place surrounded, and we learn that the lead officer in charge, Detective Leon Carter, is the man who raised Keisha as his daughter, and he is aware that she is Mega Woman. Also on the scene is his wife, Keisha’s mother, Amanda is on the scene, worried for her daughter’s safety. And they both should be worried because the President of The United States has called Leon and let him know that if this fight doesn’t end soon he’s authorized an air strike to bomb the building, seeing this as a chance to wipe out two rogue “Superiors” who are a threat to civilians.

The writing brings us up to speed easily, making this feel as if it’s taking place in an established comic-book universe, this character would fit just as easily in DC or Marvel, and there are a few Easter eggs dropped hinting at some potential plot-twists to come in future issues, along with some nice artwork.

Kiesha Cater Is Mega Woman #1  ss an action-packed book that will have you on the edge of your seat as it races toward a dramatic conclusion. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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