This issue picks up right after the previous issue’s cliffhanger, where both President Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin separately arrive at Riverdale High at the same time, angry that they’ve been falsely advertised as endorsing candidates for the school’s student body president.

Realizing that they’re both in trouble, Archie and Reggie, along with their managers Veronica and Trula, run off together to hide as they try to figure out how to explain this mess. Eventually, Archie has a personal talk with Obama and Reggie meets with Palin, as each politician explains to the youngsters why what they did was wrong, and it all gets resolved with a humorous twist in the end.

I’m really impressed with writer Alex Simmons for this story, he managed to write a story involving too high-profile political figures from opposite sides of the spectrum without showing any obvious bias or beating you over the head with a message. For an older reader you’ll see the points that get made about the dangers of false advertising in campaigns and the dangers of celebrity-worship when it comes to politics, but if you’re a younger reader you’ll just enjoy seeing your favorite characters getting into another mess. And with the traditial Archie Comics art-style provided by Dan Parent, it’s beautiful to look at too.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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