Alright, so the last issue had some pretty major revelations that drastically alter this entire story. I first I thought it was just about some young Black kids in the hood trying to survive in the aftermath of an alien invasion, which is an interesting enough premise. But then we find out that Travon, our protagonist, is actually an alien himself. Or I should say he’s an alien machine, these beings are a mix of organic and mechanic material Apparently, he was like some kind of sleeper agent, planted on Earth for unknown reasons, and this is something even he didn’t know, although his beloved foster mother Miss Wilamae was aware of this. So was his little foster sister Mari (who we learn was not Miss Wilamae’s daughter, as I thought she might be in issue #1).

We got some scenes of Travon now somehow walking the streets of the city, feeling guilty for the role he played in this invasion, while we get some more thrilling action scenes of the American military fighting against the alien ships, all very well-illustrated by Alex Lins, until the alien ships arrive to take him back.

There’s also another subplot running where we see the surviving kids back at the high school, Travon’s girlfriend Daysha, Kurtis, and Todd. They’re looking for a girl named Angie who was with them, but they can’t find him, and it turns out that one of them is not so innocent, ending with another crazy cliffhanger.

I don’t know where writer Rodney Barnes is going with this story, but I’m loving the journey so far! Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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