Meet Dr. Eugene Goodman — AKA “Dr. Ego”, psychotherapist for the superhuman community. His daily routine involves balancing the exploits of beings powerful enough to level cities. It’s a delicate job, but […]

X #14

A merciless and unstoppable army calling themselves “the Chosen” have invaded Arcadia, starting a full-fledged war with Carmine Tango’s forces. They’re looking for something . . . or someone. X has recovered […]


That’s right, I said it. Not Pro-Choice. But Pro-Abortion. Clearly, unequivocally, and unapologetically. I believe that it should be legal in all 50 states, with no restrictions for adult women. No required […]


Today I’m reviewing another 1990’s softcore erotic thriller starring Kira Reed Lorsch, whom I recently covered in my review of The Price of Desire. If that was my favorite film of hers, […]

X #13

Betrayed by his friends and stripped of his mask, X will have to crawl from an iron prison to wrench his city from Tango’s stranglehold. But a new gang, unlike any Arcadia […]