DJANE-GO UNTAMED (aka “Bikini Round-Up”)


Written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (credited as Nicholas Medina), this 2005 film was originally called Bikini Round-Up, but renamed and released on DVD as Djane-Go Untamed, in an obvious attempt to cash in on Django Unchained. But if you’re expecting any kind of softcore spoof about a freed slave seeking revenge on his ex-masters, you’ll be disappointed. This film takes place in the modern era, and stars Nicole Sheridan and Beverly Lynne, as Annie and Stacy, a couple of waitresses working in a bar in L.A. One night Annie is asked out by a wealthy customer named R.J. Mcoy (played by Randy Spears), she takes him back to her apartment and they have sex. But then he dies in his sleep afterwards. Annie and Stacy then meet with R.J.’s lawyer, it turns out that he had no family and so in his Will he said that everything he had would go to whomever was with him when he died, so that’s Annie. R.J. owned a casino, and a whole small Western town called Devil’s Ring, which supposedly has a secret Diamond Mine somewhere in it. So the ladies drive to Devil’s Ring, which is a veritable ghost town. Jay Richardson plays J.R. Masterson, an ex-associate of R.J.’s, who tries to get Annie to sell him the rights to the town (& the potential diamond mine), but Annie refuses, and decided to stick around and try to fine the Mine herself. Evan Stone and VooDoo (Alexander Boisvert) play Wyatt and Ringo, a couple of dim-witted cowboys who work for R.J., who tells them to try to make the ladies think the town is haunted, to scare them into wanting to sell. So the men dress up in sheets and pretend to be ghosts in front of the ladies, but then the real ghost of legendary cowgirl Calamity Kate arrives, on horseback, to scare the men off, and help Annie and Stacy find the mine.

That’s the overall plot. And it’s filled with several sex scenes. Annie, or course, has sex with Roger, and then also has sex with Wyatt and then with Ringo. Stacy has sex with Wyatt, and there’s also a lesbian threeway between Annie, Stacy, and Calamity Kate (which is Gavin’s only sex scene). There’s also a lesbian scene between Brooke Taylor and Jassie, who play a couple of unnamed ranch-hands, who work for J.R. All of the scenes are fine, I would have liked to have seen more of Beverly Lynne, whom I am a big fan of, but there’s nothing particularly noteworthy here. Having watched the film once, I can’t say I have a strong desire to watch it again. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

Available on DVD via Amazon

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