I had to get this film, just based on the two women on the cover. Christine Nguyen is one of the best softcore actresses I’ve even seen. She always does an excellent job making her sex scenes look real, whether with a man or woman or both. And adult film star Holly Sampson is, well, HOLLY SAMPSON

Written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (as Nicholas Medina, as usual), Nguyen stars as Sheri Wilson who, when the film opens, just got married to David Wilson (Billy Chappell as Tony Marino), although David is unaware that Sheri is a witch with magic powers. They move into their brand new house, and David is starting a new job at an advertising agency owned by Mr. Cooper (Ted Newsom).

So this film’s premise is clearly heavily inspired by the 1960’s hit TV show BEWTICHED.

The agency is trying to land a multi-million dollar account for a cosmetics company and needs to come up with a great idea for an ad campaign. This puts heavy competition between David and the two other ad-men at the company, Jack (Randy Spears) and Steve (Eric Masterson), who both feeling threatened by David’s arrival at the company. So they, along with Jack’s secretary, Elaine (Michelle Maylene), plot to steal David’s ideas.

Meanwhile, Sheri’s friend Carrie (Sampson), who is also a witch, pops up in the house, although Shari doesn’t act all that happy to see her. But Carrie insists on trying to find the perfect wedding gift for Sheri and David. When Carrie finds out about David’s job, she gets the bright idea of using her magic to bring Cleopatra (Cassandra Cruz, credited as Vanessa Brink) to the present, so they can learn her legendary beauty secrets, thinking that will somehow help David’s campaign. But then, for some reason, Carrie is unable to send Cleopatra back to her own time, so they have to keep her hidden until they can figure it out. And also there’s a noisy neighbor (played by Michelle Bauer), who spies on the Wilsons and sees Sheri using her powers, and is trying to prove to everyone that she’s a witch, although everyone just thinks she’s crazy.

So that’s the story, now lets talk about the sex.

That is the big disappointment of this film. You’d think with Nguyen and Sampson on the cover, they’d both be heavily featured in this film, preferably they’d get a sex scene (or two) together. Like I said, that’s why I bought it. But Nguyen only has one sex scene in this film, with Chappell in the beginning of the film, and then one solo scene of her in the shower.

Likewise, Sampson has one full sex scene, with Cruz. Then she has another scene where she strips naked and swims in a pool, and then is joined by Jessie Lunderby, who plays a local police office that patrols the neighborhood, who also strips naked then dives into the pool, and the two women kiss, but then the film cuts away, so we don’t even get a full scene! That was pointless!

Cassandra Cruz and Randy Spears have a sex scene together. And Michelle Maylene gets two scenes, sex with Spears and then sex with Marino. The scenes that we get are all good, but it still felt incomplete, and that kept this film from living up to the potential of its premise, in my opinion.

Chacebook rating: 3 AND A HALF STARS

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