Lady Chatterley’s Ghost aka Lady Chatterley’s Daughter


FYI I’ve seen this film advertised under both titles. The IMDB page has it listed under Daughter, so that’s probably the original title, but the DVD I’ve seen it on sale for lists it as Ghost. Based on the story, Ghost is a more fitting title, although it’s still inaccurate. Anyone expecting some sort of supernatural sequel to D.H. Lawrence’s classic novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover will be disappointed.

This review will contain spoilers, but it’s not like you all watch these types of films for the plot, do you?

Written and directed by legendary softcore film director Fred Olen Ray (under some of his many pseudonyms, Nicholas Juan Medina and Mark Reynolds) this film stars adult film and actress, and former mistress of Tiger Woods, Holly Sampson as Sandra Maitland, a bored wealthy housewife. Randy Spears stars as her husband Charles. Their marriage seems to have hit a boring routine, he works a lot and she’s left at home by herself. Charles recently gave Sandra a special vintage copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which used to belong to some old famous silent film actress, and Sandra spends a lot of her time reading it, and getting turned on by the stories. She gets so turned on by it that she has vivid sexual daydreams, including an opening scene where she has sex with Keith, her and Charles’ gardener, who is played by Nick Manning.

Now right there I thought that this could be a good premise for this film, showing a series of these sexual fantasies that Sandra has throughout the film, inspired by scenes from the book. But that’s not where this goes, and this is the only such scenario in the film.

One night Charles surprises Sandra by introducing her to Connie (Jessie Lunderby), whom he informs he has hired as their new live-in maid to help Sandra out with taking care of the house. Sandra is initially uncertain about this but agrees to let Connie try out the job for a couple of weeks, to see how she does. Then that same night, after deliberately mixing some sleeping pills in Sandra’s drink so she falls into a deep sleep, Charles and Connie have sex, with the implication that they’d already been having an affair and that’s why Charles hired her to move in.

Again, there’s another good potential plotline for this film. Does Charles have any other nefarious intentions towards Sandra, and is Connie part of it? This could turn into an erotic thriller. But, no, that plot is also quickly dropped. We see that Keith happened to be watching Charles and Connie from another room when it happened, so it looked like maybe he was going to get involved in whatever scheme might be going on, maybe try to blackmail Charles or warn Sandra, but instead, the next day when both Charles and Sandra are out, he confronts Connie in the kitchen and the two of them end up having sex.

Cassandra Cruz plays Sandra’s friend Sofia, who is a tarot card reader. They meet for lunch, and Sandra tells her about the book, and how every time she reads it she feels like she’s overcome by some kind of spirit that enhances her lust. Sofia feels like there could really be a spirit connected to that book, and tells her the way to potentially ward of the spirit by reconnecting sexually with Charles. So Sandra goes to Charles’ office to seduce him, and they have sex there.

Then Connie just shows up at Sofia’s house and reveals that she’s actually the ghost of Vera Montez, the old silent film star who originally owned the book. And there’s some mumbo jumbo about her continuing to live her sexual fantasies through whoever possesses the book, or something. And then the two of them have lesbian sex.

Then back at Sandra’s house, Connie reveals herself to Sandra and they have sex, then Charles walks in on them and they entice him to join them in a three-way. After which, as they’re all laying naked in bed, Connie and the book disappear. THE END.

In addition to the seven sex scenes, there’s a solo shower scene with Holly Sampson.

So, storywise, this was all over the place, and that inconsistency hurt the film. A really good softcore film is one that you can watch all the way through without having to fast forward in between each sex scene, but this is not one of those films. It definitely doesn’t help that Jessie Lunderby just can’t act. She’s attractive enough, for a typical “blonde bombshell” type, so her sex scenes are nice to look at, but when she has to deliver dialog it’s like she’s reading off of cue-cards. Looking her up for this review I found out that a year earlier she had gotten fired from her job as an Arkansas Sheriff’s prison guard after she posed nude for Playboy’s website. This was one of two films that she appeared in after that, the other being SEXUAL WITCHCRAFT, also directed by Fred Olen Ray. After that, it appears that she’s retired from public life. Maybe if she’d continued acting and gained some more experience she would have drastically improved, but we’ll never know.

The rest of the cast was fine, but they weren’t given much to work with. It looks like this was one of Fred Olen Ray’s last softcore films (since 2014 he’s been mostly making action/drama and Christmas romcom TV films), but unfortunately, it’s not one of his best.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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