Smash: Monstrous

Now here’s a comic that’s a complete 180-turn from the last comic I reviewed here. This comic-book popped up in my recommendations on Comixology while I was looking for something else, I’d never heard of it before but the premise was intriguing and the price was right so I clicked on it.

Written by Chris A. Bolton and drawn by Kyle Bolton, this is the story of a 10-year-old superhero called SMASH. He’s super-strong, super-fast, can fly, and is super-tough if not completely invulnerable. We learn that he gained his powers a week earlier in the aftermath of an explosion that killed a famous adult superhero named The Defendor. How exactly the kid got Defendor’s powers is unclear. But with his own version of Defendor’s costume, SMASH has decided to take on the mantle as the protector of his city. And that’s good because as the story opens a giant dinosaur-like monster is attacking the city. But as the fight progresses, our hero learns that there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. And while he’s trying to contain the monster (with some unwanted help from a group of men with jetpacks), a group of costumed villains attempts to use the distraction to rob a bank. It’s a lot for a 10-year-old to handle, even one with superpowers.

I don’t want to spoil too much more, but this is a fun and action-packed old-school superhero story that is aimed at children but suitable for readers of all ages. I know this grown man certainly enjoyed it. And I also loved Kyle Bolton’s “cartoony” art-style, which fits the tone of the book to a T.

I have since learned that this comic is a follow-up to two original graphic novels, SMASH: Trial By Fire and SMASH: Fearless, neither of which I’ve read, as they’re not available digitally at the moment, but thankfully none of that is necessary to enjoy this comic-book, it’s a complete standalone story.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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