An unusual amulet, an ancient spell, and a whole lot of money render Venus, the Goddess of Love, a slave. An evil, mad genius looking for revenge on old enemies uses the Goddess to exact his wishes. Valkyrie must work her own magic to break Venus from the spell.

A follow up to Venus #1, the creative team of writer Erica Schultz and artist Eduardo Mello ring us this new adventure. Jonathan Garret is a wealthy computer magnate, who buys a $7 million piece of jewelry, which is supposed to bring luck in love to its owner, at an auction. He then uses it in a spell which puts Venus (who is conveniently flying past his building at the time) under his love spell. Two days later he takes her to his High School reunion. Apparently he was a nerd back in High School, and now he wants Venus to use her powers to get revenge on all of his old classmates who used to mock him. Valkyrie watches this hostage situation on TV and rushes to the scene, but she is ultimate just a mortal and therefor is no match for the super-powered Venus. Another familiar face from the previous issue also arrives to help. No spoilers.

The story is not bad. The characters are written well-enough by Schultz. However Mello’s artwork is far too sketchy and amateurish. It brings the issue down. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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