Venus is blessed with, not only beauty, but power, forcing her to do super hero work on the side. Soon, she discovers a mysterious Olympian working with the hi-tech assassin group, which has marked their next target, Taylor Darcy, heir to the Darcy fortune and the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. Now, Venus must watch over the spoiled Darcy, teaching him the mysterious ways of romance and to protect his ass from the assassin’s big guns! A hardboiled action adventure mixed with the classic screwball comedy, you don’t want to miss Venus in her first solo book! Come discover the love as only Venus can show you!

Written by Chad Rebmann and drawn by Esdras Cristobel, this issue introduces us to Venus, the Greco-Roman Goddess of Love. Like Atlas, she has decided to come down to Earth to be a superhero, wearing a version of his superhero costume. In the opening pages she stops and captures a couple of jewel thieves, where we see that Venus has all of the same superpowers as Atlas (flying, super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability), in addition to the extra power of being able to make people fall in love with whomever she wants for a couple of hours. She uses this powers on the crooks, making them surrender to her out of love. When she meets Orion, she says that being a superhero is her part-time job, that her main job is still helping people find true love.

She gets recruited to work as a bodyguard for Taylor Darcy, a spoiled rich kid who’s rude and obnoxious and spends his days playing video games in his penthouse, and his nights partying at clubs. Also working for Taylor is his hapless assistant Pris, who harbors a secret crush on Taylor, although Venus assures her that Taylor’s not the right man for Pris. Against Venus’ advice, Pris sneaks out with Taylor that night to go to a club, where he promptly stars flirting with other women and ignoring Pris. Venus goes after them and arrives at the club just in time to confront a group of armed men who are there to kidnap Taylor. I won’t give any spoilers at the ending, but Venus does find out whom is behind this plot and why, helps Pris find love, and maybe convinces Taylor to change his ways.

It’s a pretty nice done-in-one story. Well-written and well-drawn. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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