For more than twenty years, a talented but renegade doctor has performed unprecedented medical experiments in an attempt to help the most vulnerable children imaginable. Now those children are growing up and discovering that Dr. Epstein did more than just heal their physical disabilities – he changed them, gave them powers, and made them targets for a ruthless organization bent on controlling their incredible abilities.

This is the 2nd title from Canon Comics, the new digital publisher from former NFL star Phillip Buchanon. The other book is THE NEW MONEY which I reviewed last week. So I figured I’d check this one out too, since it’s got more of a superhero-flair, which is my preferred style anyway. For this book Buchanon assembled the creative team of writer David Walker (the Bad Azz MoFo) and artist Ramon F. Bachs.

Storywise, well, there’s not all that much to say here. Formerly orphaned teenagers who are stronger and faster than normal humans are being stalked and killed by agents of some mysterious organization while another group of people are trying to get to them first to protect them. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. There’s no real main POV character to identify with. The 2nd half of the comic deals with them tracking a kid name Ray who is a football star in college, two of the other kids whom he was friends with back when they were all in a now-defunct orphanage together reunite with him and try to warn him and they rush back to his house because he has a younger foster brother who may also be in danger but when they arrive they find out that agents from that organization have gotten there first, and it ends with an ominous cliffhanger.

There was definitely a sense of deja-vu here, the “on the run from an evil organization” trope has been played out in many comics and movies, and I didn’t really get anything from this particular issue to make it feel unique. It was just pretty average. Likewise the artwork was decent as well, but didn’t stand out either. This is supposed to be a 5-issue miniseries, but just based on this issue I wouldn’t feel any strong urge to continue it. Really, only the fact that is it so cheap (just .99 cents!) makes this a “maybe” for me.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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