Hungry For You


Following up yesterday’s review of Mutual Needs, here’s another great softcore film starring the irresistible Rochelle Swanson. Written by Terry Lennox and directed by Dimitri Logothetis, this 1996 film is set in the far-off future of 2010. The premise is that Virtual Reality entertainment has become the most popular thing in the nation, but it is heavily regulated by the FCC which is now a major law enforcement entertainment. For example, VR sex is illegal everywhere in America except Nevada. Swanson stars as Viva, a seductive woman who suddenly appears in certain men’s VR fantasies and has seduced them, but then die at the point of orgasm, their brains being fried by the VR systems that they were plugged into.

Michael Phenicie stars as Rodney, a former FCC agent hired by a man named Mr. Brannagan (played by Gary Wood) who runs the biggest VR entertainment company in the country. The first man who died was playing one of his VR simulations at the time, and Brannagan needs Rodney to find out who caused this or else the FCC is going to shut his company down. So with that set-up there’s your story, Rodney using his tech skills to try to trace who it is that’s hacking into these VR simulations, and find out who Viva is, and what her part in these murders is. I won’t bother you with too much more story details, all you need to know is that this gives us an excuse for several fantasy scenarios involving Rochelle Swanson seducing and having sex with various men.

There’s Joe (Johnny Lage) who in his fantasy was going skydiving. He lands in the middle of forest where he’s greeted by Viva in a see-through white dress. She takes him to a bedroom where they have sex while attractive women (who aren’t named in the credits) strip naked and dance around. Jack (Michael Gregory) has a fantasy where he single-handedly defeats a bunch of ninjas and then encounters Viva wearing a red geisha dress, she takes him to a room where they have sex. And there’s Arnold, he’s race-car driving, and after he wins the race he meet Viva, dressed in a sexy-version of racing outfit (including chaps with her ass exposed in a thong), and she takes him to a room for sex. And finally there’s a scene with Rodney, where he plays a cowboy who shoots it out with some outlaws, then meets Viva who is singing in an old western saloon, they go into a backroom and have sex in a bathtub. There are a couple of other shorter instances that involved Rochelle appearing in various stages of undress, but that’s the gist of it.

Like most softcore films of the 90’s, there is an attempt at an actual serious dramatic story here. Although it doesn’t hold up so well if you think about it too hard. So don’t. Just enjoy the scenes of voluptuous Rochelle Swanson, like I did. A lesser actress would have made this film average, but her appearance in it gets it FIVE STARS.

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