Bikini Car Wash Academy (aka The Bikini Escort Company)


Originally released in 2006 as The Bikini Escort Company (or The Erotic Escort Company), this film was re-titled and released last September. This film was written and directed by the legendary Fred Olen Ray (under his alias’ Nicholas Medina and Sherman Scott)

The premise is that we have 4 college students, a man named Satch (John Swipe) and three women Mandy (Beverly Lynne), Candy (Stacy Burke), and Sandy (Cailey Taylor). All 4 have told that they are failing all of their classes, and that their only hope of graduation is to either start a business, or find a failing business, and make it succeed within the next 2 weeks. But they are specifically warned: NO PROSTITUTION.

Satch goes to his cousin Luke (G. Gordon Baer aka Peter Spellos) who owns a carwash company that isn’t doing very well. Meanwhile the ladies go to a local fortune tell, named Madame Zola (Anastasia Pierce), who also secretly runs an Escort service, to work for her. That was Mandy’s idea, who assures the other ladies that being an escort isn’t technically prostitution, saying that they’re getting paid to “spend time” with men, not have sex with them (using the same logic as Gigolos).

Zola hires the ladies and immediately sends Candy to “see” a man named Mr. Jamison (Brad Bartram), who is waiting in a backroom of the Fortune Telling place. Then he sends Mandy and Sandy to go visit a wealthy magazine publisher and real estate developer named Hugh Trump (Danny Pape) at his large mansion. Well, it turns out that Jamison is an undercover police detective, and after she has sex with him, Jamison arrests Candy and Zola and they’re sent to jail. From her cell, Candy calls Mandy and Sandy to ask for help, so the two ladies to see Satch, who hasn’t been having any luck trying to increase business for the carwash. Needing to not only raise bail for Candy (a whopping $25) but also make the business successful so they can graduate, the ladies team up with satch and remain the business the Bikini Carwash and begin to wash cars in bikinis (often also taking their tops off) which, of course, brings in a ton of business. But will it be enough for the 4 students to graduate? Well, NO SPOILERS (not that you really care about the “plot”, such at is it).

Okay, lame screenplay. But how are the sex scenes?

There are six altogether. Three male/female scenes: Burke and Swipe in a gym lockerroom, Burke and Bartram on a couch/loveseat, and Taylor and Swipe in the back of a minivan. Two lesbian scenes, Beverly Lynne and Taylor on a pool table, and Burke and Pierce on the bed in their jail cell. And then there’s one threesome with Beverly Lynn, Taylor and Pape. The scenes are good, the first lesbian scene and the threesome are probably the best, but overall they’re pretty average.

Jay Richardson and Michelle Bauer have small roles in this film the dean of the college and a professor. Both of them are trying to sabotage the students, in order to be able to fail them and kick them out of college. There’s a brief scenes of them “having sex” on a desk, but they still have their clothes on. Later in the film we do get a brief shot of Bauer in lingerie, and for a 48 year old woman (at the time) she looks damn good.

Overall, an average film. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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