NIGHTCAP episode 4: Everyone Has a Price

Regina Russell Banali

Long before she married Frank Banali and directed a successful documentary about Quite Riot, Regina Russell (as she was known as then), had a long career as an actress, appearing in many softcore films and television shows, including this 4th episode of NIGHTCAP.

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, this episode has two plots which converge. Trina (Nikki Fritz) has been dating a guy named Neal (Jason Ament), although they aren’t officially exclusive yet. But Trina is upset because she doesn’t think Neal takes her seriously enough, after he blows off plans with her one weekend, without telling her where he was (or who he was with). Meanwhile Nikki (Tane McClure) reveals that the bar owes $4000,00 on their mortgage, which neither of them have, and they risk losing the bar if they can’t pay it.

David Christensen plays Frank, a successful investment banker, who coincidentally walks into the bar soon after Nikki tells Trina about their money troubles. When David finds out, he makes the ladies and indecent proposal, that he will give them the $4000,00 if they both go home and have sex with him. Trina says he’d have to pay double for both of them, which Frank readily agrees to as well. But Nikki backs out, saying she couldn’t go through with it, so just Trina agrees to have sex with Frank, for the original $4,000.00.

Trina goes through with it, and David keeps his word in paying off the bar’s debt. Trina not only doesn’t regret her actions, she agrees to see Frank again, not only because she enjoyed it but also to spite Neal, who had come to the bar looking for her when she was with Frank the first night. After spending another night with Frank, Neal comes by Trina’s place, upset because he’d been unable to get in touch with her the past couple of days, so now he knows how she felt in the beginning of the episode. The two of them make up, and resume their relationship, with Trina saying she didn’t expect to see Frank again after that anyway.

What’s interesting about this episode, and why it’s one of the better ones of this series, is that instead of the standard three sex scenes, this episodes have five. The first one is Christensen with Regina Russell, who plays a woman named Samantha whom Frank had also given money to in exchange for sex. She’s not meant to be a hooker, this scene just established Frank’s modus operandi of how he finds women who need money and bribes them for sex. And then Fritz has four scenes, two with Chistensen and two with Amant. Credit goes to director David Nicholas for trying to make each sex scene a little unique, by changing up the locales. Two scenes take place on a bed, one takes place while standing against a well, one on a couch, and one on a chair. It’s a small detail, but effective, and shows he was conscious of trying to keep the sex scene from being repetitive. The only little disappointment was in not having a threesome with both Fritz and McClure in it. Why have the character’s even bring that up, if they weren’t going to follow through with it. It still could have worked, with them and Christensen in one scene, and then having the next scene just be Fritz and Christensen.

But I’m just nitpicking there, it was a very hot episode, worth a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS


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