This 2nd issue (the 3rd, counting the zero issue) is the first to have a Month on the cover. September 1992. Tony Jappa is once credited as Artist/Writer and Anthony Washington as Publisher/Co-writer. This issue is 22 pages of story, once again in black and white. It opens with a TV news report on a local Kansas station, reporting on the exploits of Original Man, including talking about his public battles with The Aryan Avenger and Enslaver from the first issue, which it says took place 60 days ago, and runs down his various super-powers.

Meanwhile, we see the businessman Corbin meeting with The Venturian, whom he believes is now ready for his first assignment, which is to destroy Original Man. But Venturian is reluctant, especially when Corbin introduces him to two more supervillains, Bongo The Killer Klown, and Nuclear Newt, and says he’ll be working with them. Venturian points out that Bongo is a child murderer and Nuclear Newt is a radiation-based mutated reptile who likes beating people for fun. But Corbin threatens Venturian, reminded him that he was raised from the dead before he received his powers and that he has the ability to strip Venturians powers and he’ll die for good next time.

Back to the news, which reports that the L.A. has irrupted into riots in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, and when Original Man hears this, he quickly flies to L.A., although he notes that his powers don’t feel as strong as a before, and he thinks this could be a side-effect of his time travel, and hopes that it’s just temporary. He arrives in L.A., right in the middle of the riots. He saves a woman from under some rubble, and as he flies her to safety she flirts with him, but this causes Original Man to sadly remember a woman named Sheba, from his own time, whom it says he spent the past 13 years with but now might never see her again.

This contradicts the future we saw in Original Man #0, which showed Mikal, before he became Original Man, preparing for a date with a woman named Kadisha.

We then see Original Man lifting an oil tanker, to remove it from the line of fire, but while he is able to do so, he’s straining much harder than usual, again indicating that his powers are weakening. We then see this other character, a man in some high-powered armor, who calls himself Dark Force, He was briefly seen in the previous issue, observing Original Man from afar. While, during that time he’s left Kansas and is in L.A. too, and he’s seen mowing down a bunch of cops with his gun. Original Man flies down to stop him, but then both of them get blasted and knocked out by the Venturian, whose just arrived with Bongo and Nuclear Newt. But then suddenly a new hero materializes out of nowwhere. It’s Sheba Kamera, yep the woman Original Man was thinking of, and she has superpowers and costume too, and calls herself Original Woman, and she joins the fight. TO BE CONTINUED…

Again, another 90’s-style story, it’s pretty much all action. Barely a moment to slow down, just moving from one action scene to the next. Between the villains, Dark Force, Original Woman, and oh yeah there’s a brief scene where a man named Mikal Luxor, who looks just like Original Man, is in Kansas having dreams about Original Man, but doesn’t know what they mean, it’s just all too much happening in one issue. A little more time fleshing out the characters, including Original Man himself, would have been preferred. The art is okay, though.

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