Cover-dated December 1992, this issue from Omega 7 Comics is once again written and drawn by Tony Jappa, with Alonzo Washington as co-writer and publisher. Picking right up form the end of the previous issue, we’re back in the middle of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, where Original Man’s girlfriend from the future has materialized in the present as Original Woman, with identical powers. She’s arrived just in time to help him and Dark Force face the supervillains Venturian, Bongo The Killer Klown, and Nuclear Newt. And then the LAPD send in a squad of helicopter gunships to take them all out.

So basically the majority of this particular story is a big fight scene, lots of action. When the dust settles, Original Man and Original Woman embrace. Apparently, Original Man believed that the time machine he used to follow the Khul to the past was destroyed after he used it, which is why he didn’t know if he’d ever get back to his own time and see her again, and that’s why he’s so surprised that she’s here. But the happy reunion comes to a premature end when Original Woman blurts out that Original Man only has 24 hours left to live! TO BE CONTINUED…

This story is only 13 pages. And therefor it’s not very satisfying. Again, there’s just too many characters and too much going on (there’s also a scene with Corbin, where he explains to his wife how the rich elite, which they are part of, use evil means to rule the world). I guess the cliffhanger is interesting enough that it basically saves this issue. The end credits state that the next issue will feature “The Fantastic Origin of Original Man!” Which now makes me wonder about the publication of the zero issue, if perhaps this wasn’t published in order? And then there’s actually a preview of the cover of the next issue:

So this would be that Mikal Luxor from 1992, who looks just like the Mikal Luxor from 8992 who became Original Man, whom we saw last issue. My guess is that he’s an ancestor? But Corbin’s people captured him, and now they’ve somehow given him Original Man’s powers in order to destroy the original Original Man? But, wait, wouldn’t the 92 Mikal be the “original” then? Damn, time travel makes my head hurt. In any case, it looks like this could have been one heck of a story. But, sadly, it was not to be. I have searched, believe me I have, and there is no evidence that this 4th issue was ever published. And that’s a shame. But I’ll get to that in the next review…

The 2nd half of this issue, listed as a “bonus story”, introduces a new character from Omega 7 called LONEWOLFE THE ASSASSIN. At first glance, he appears to be a non-powered vigilante, in the mode of Batman (or Midnight Tiger) and we see him hunt down and fight a werewolf. With a twist ending. It’s an interesting enough story. Other than the “front page” which I see Tony Jappa’s signature on it, I don’t see any credits, so I don’t know who writes or draws it. But there’s definitely potential there.

Potential which will also go unrealized. . .

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