Picking up a month after the end of the previous issue, The Typhos army is dead. But only after they’ve laid waste to a large segment of Australia, with hundreds of humans left dead. However, The Blue have helped repair most of the property damage, and a new treaty between them and the human world has been publicly created (we see Cannon’s assistant Akiko, from issue #3, shaking hands with Donald Trump), and peace seems to be in the air. We even see that many humans are adopting Blue Culture, their styles of dress and so forth, as a bit of a trend. The few human voices that still mistrust our undersea neighbors are mostly drowned out and ignored, amongst the news. So all is good, right?

C’mon, there’s still two issues left!

Tyler is seen staying with Chance (since her and Aspen’s apartment was destroyed in issue #3), as she continues her job as a journalist, writing about the past events, and is even trying to write a novel (presumably about The Blue) now. But neither of them has heard from Aspen since then, as she went back to MURIA, ostensibly to help restructure their government. But Tyler just can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. And boy is she right. As we head down to MURIA we see that Cannon has disbanded the council and taken over as the undisputed Monarch. He’s pinned the entire Typhos attack on Riley J. Moss (whom he then has publicly executed), and Aspen is now set to be crowned as the new Queen, and Cannon’s wife!

Why is Aspen going along with this? And how will she get out of it?!? READ THIS ISSUE TO FIND OUT!

As I said before, Blake Northcott has managed to keep readers of this series on their toes since the first issue. Just when you think you’ve figured out where the story is going, she introduces some little twist that takes the plot in a new direction. Here with these final issues, she’s practically changed the whole tone of the series. It went from being a big action story involving super soldiers to this issue reading like an episode of Game of Thrones, dealing with palace intrigue and royal secrets. And I’m loving it!

I wish I could think of some new praise to heap upon penciler Marco Renna, inker Mark Roslan, and colorist John Starr, but all I can say is that the continue to do an awesome job in illustrating this series. And if you think Aspen is sexy in her usual skimpy outfits, wait until you see how they draw her in her wedding dress! Hubba hubba.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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