Well, after the end of the previous issue, you’d think this miniseries was over. Aspen’s Navy boyfriend, Chance, arrived to save the day, with a squadron of Navy pilots leading an attack on Riley J. Moss’ yacht. And then Siphon and a team of Blue soldiers show up to arrest Cannon and take him back to MURIA, to have him tried for his treachery. So…we’re all done right?

NO! There’s still three issues to go!

In fact, this may be the most dramatic and suspenseful issue yet! We open in MURIA with Cannon having just been found guilty of treason and about to be sentenced to death. But it turns out that Cannon is craftier than we thought. He still has some valuable secrets which enable him to be pardoned by the Elite Ruling Council, in exchange for him agreeing to take Aspen with him to find and activate the mysterious “fail safe” which is needed to take down the Typhos army who, by the way, have just begun their attack on the surface world, starting with a surprising location. Aspen has no choice but to go along with Cannon on his quest, as the fate of the entire world depends on them, even though she doesn’t fully expect to make it out alive…

We also see the fallout Chance faces for his actions in his rescue of Aspen and Tyler (as far as the Navy is concerned, he just bombed a private Australian citizen, who happens to be a billionaire), and even Riley J. Moss comes face to face with the reality of his choices. Blake brings up some thought-provoking points about the nature of war, and many of us find it easier to deal with in the abstract, and to be supportive of it, when its something that doesn’t affect us personally. And yet it never feels like she’s being preachy or anything. But the real tension comes in the end, where Aspen finds herself having to make an impossible choice.

Seriously, I’m glad I’m reading this issue on an iPad, instead of a printed copy, as I think I would have gripped it so hard while reading it that I would have destroyed the issue by accident. This comic is the definition of a page turner. Throughout this whole issue (really, the whole series) every time you think you know where this story is going, it changes direction.

And once again Blake could not have asked for better creative partners than the artistic team of Marco Renna, Mark Reslan, and John Starr.

All New Fathom #6 gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS


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