Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 3: The Amazing Woody

Carrie Gonzalez

Written by A.G. Lawrence and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode guest stars Carrie Gonzalez, as a rockstar who goes by the name Venus Di Milo, and who also happens to be a high school friend of Corrine’s (Divini Rae). She arrives at the hotel with her bandmates Curt and Janey (Michael Vincent and Nicole Oring), to work on material for her new album, but she and Curt, who is her lover and writing partner, have been have creative differences over the direction of their music, as she wants to explore new styles while he want to stick to their current style. 

Bret Copeland plays an aspiring songwriter named Ben who also happens to be staying at the hotel that weekend, trying to get inspiration as he’s been having writers block, and is considering giving up his dream and just getting a “real job.” The episode title comes from Corrine arranging for Ben to be loaned a classic guitar that used to belong to a famous muscian named Woody, hoping that the instrument will spark Ben’s imagination. 

Naturally, over the course of the episode, Venus and Ben cross paths, and bond over their mutual musical frustrations, eventually realizing that they make a great team both creatively and personally. But don’t feel bad for Curtis, as he quickly rebounds with Janey. so alls well that ends well for all the guests. And Amanda (Kimberly Fisher) makes note of how Corrine subtly got involved and pushed things in the right direction for everyone, realizing that this is part of the service they provide at the hotel.

So it was nice little story, with four hot sex scenes. Carrie Gonzales has three, one with Michael Vincent and two with Bret Copeland, while Michael Vincent and Nicole Oring, whom I’ve always loved and wish appeared in more softcore productions, have a sex scene in a hot tub. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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